Halloween Only Packs are up
Written by Logress   
Friday, 01 November 2013 06:01

The Halloween only packs are up in the shop!  400 gran for 5 seasonal cards, with at least one 3 star or higher. the new Knight of Fraility Etoile is there, as is the special Wisp (which still drops as a 3-star).  It will be up through the weekend only!

Black Cat / Fellana
Lycanthrope [Seraph]
Dark Emperor / Zu-jyuva
Devouring Lizard
Amethyst Carbuncle
Girl Druid
Samurai Girl
Fire Sorceress / Addition
Cemetery Rats
Prototype Form / Noze
Will o' the Wisp
Knight of Frailty / Etoile