Kickstarter and Horizons Alpha Updates
Written by Logress   
Monday, 06 January 2014 21:43

Updates everyone!
First of all, those of you who stop by Alteil 1 occasionally know we had some server issues over the holidays. We took that as an opportunity to fix a bunch of stuff, replace and upgrade some infrastructure. In retrospect, it was a good time for all that to happen, let us get it all out of the way during the holidays (the traditional time for family, gift-giving, and server infrastructure).

So let me fill you in on what we've been up to. First of all, the programming of the NPC battle is done. There are a few more front end animations I'd like to get in there, and the existing animations need a round of bug-fixing, but other than that it's about time for me to pass it off to Jeff and see if we can't get it deployed on a server for you all as part of the Alpha.

As for the Kickstarter Dashboard, a lot of people have been asking about account names -- primarily about getting Horizons usernames picked out and also concern about showing up with an Alpha username (which, being based on KS accounts,are likely real names), so we decided to basically go ahead and make the login system / user database for Horizons now, and use that as the login for the Kickstarter Dashboard.  You'll be able to create Horizons accounts and attach your Alpha key and your Alteil 1 account (if any), and likely Facebook (if you want) right away! It increased the scope of the Kickstarter dashboard a bit, but the rewards will mean a lot more when you know, you've got a real account to put them in. And, despite the increased scope we're moving along at a good clip and should have it ready for prime-time in short order.

NOTE - Alteil 1 user names are considered reserved as far Horizons is concerned, so no worries there.