NPC Battle added to Horizons Alpha
Written by Logress   
Tuesday, 11 February 2014 02:24

OK, so we've added a Single player NPC battle (currently the decks are fixed) to the Horizons Alpha, 100% in the Horizons engine! To access it, go to your Kickstarter -> redeem rewards link on the dasboard. redeem the reward "Beta Access". Now, the Horizons PVE battle should appear in your dashboard menu under "Play" to the left, or on the main Dashboard screen as "NPC Battle" right next to the Tutorial link.

Now, this no problem for an Alteil 1 player, but if Horizons is your first time playing Alteil, keep in mind that the NPC battle is a fully featured battle with all the rules in effect, including the revival phase, the burial phase (units you don't revive are taken off the field and go to the Cemetery -- you lose 1 LP for each one that does this) the open phase (spell cards go off, and some units with 'Open Skills' trigger spell card like effects when played) and Soul skills (you were briefed in the Tutorial about them, but it ended before you got the chance to use them.) When the Tutorial is finished, it will continue to ease you into the battle phases one at a time.

You might want to review the Horizons tutorial, there are some key rules to remember, like when you play a unit card, it sits to the right in the "Set area" for one turn so the enemy can prepare a strategy. Since we skipped over the second half of the tutorial for now you might be a little surprised by the above burial phase, open phase, and soul skills. Alteil 1 has a more complete (but not nearly as good) tutorial to pick up on anything you need to know, or you can just ask questions on the forum or kickstarter page. And, I'm sure some enterprising backer will post a "Let's Play" pretty soon :)