Alteil Horizons at Pax East News
Written by Logress   
Tuesday, 15 April 2014 21:06

Being at PAX East as part of the Indie Megabooth was pretty amazing. They gave us a small booth at the end of the Tabletop section (as seen on our facebook post) and another one in an open area near Magic the Gathering. In addition, we had a slideshow of art and game screens shown on two big TV's at the Megabooth and one huge one by the Magic booth.

We mostly focused on showing the Horizons tutorial/demo and pointing people at our Steam Greenlight page. The Valve team members there emphisized the importance of us getting Greenlit, but also said that we're doing really well and that if we get a few more good surges we should make it.

If you haven't yet upvoted us on Steam Greenlight, please do!

In addition to Valve, we got to talk to a whole bunch of big players in the video game world, which I won't list here for fear of boring you (or because we're under NDA's, whichever). There was also some press. Not nearly as much in year's past, but it wasn't bad. Hopefully we'll get some articles in the next week or so.

Overall, this is one of the best reactions we've ever gotten at a show in terms of individuals getting interested in the game. Our idea was to emphisize the unit tactics elements (like the card's individual action menu) since the card dueling elements were immediately obvious and are currently so prevelent they make up a super-genre at this point -- telling people there is card collecting in Alteil is like telling people that a first-person game involves guns. The key mechanic was the "no randomly drawn hands". Once prospective players thought about how that would change their whole way of thinking about a card dueling game, you could see their eyes light up -- you know, in case you want to tell your friends about Alteil but aren't sure how to sell them on it ;)

The only unfortunate thing was the tiny space meant we could only demo for one person at a time. But on the up side, everything but the internet was paid for, so we didn't burn any unnecessary Kickstarter dollars!
In any case, a big thanks to the Megabooth team. They are providing an invaluable service for the indie/kickstarted game community, and I encourage anyone who is thinking of making their own indie game to apply!