Lawtia Core set Pack-with Featured 3 star!
Written by Romdeau   
Monday, 02 June 2014 01:29

Greetings Iczers,

I am excited to announce we are introducing a new type of sale that will feature a key 3 star in the first installation of the Horizons Core set.  A reminder, the Core set is going to be Alteil: Horizons featured playset; it will be the only officially tournament-sanctioned cardlist. In addition, you will also earn bonus experience and fight money relative to playing Legacy (non-Core) files.  

Included with the featured 3 star, we are also going to include 9 copies of random commons (2 stars and 1 stars)  from each respective sphere that we plan to include in the first Core set. Disclaimer: the Core set is not 100% finalized (close though) so it is still subject to change. In this respect, a balanced play environment will always be our #1 priority when deciding to include/exclude cards from the Core set. Without further ado, I would like to introduce our featured 3 star with the current list of Lawtia common cards!

Our first featured 3 star will be: "Command Unit / White Lily"

The Command Dolls file has always been a favorite amongst players and we saw no reason to exclude it. It is a fairly balanced filetype that is fairly flexible in modification choices and execution. It also sports a variety of choices to engage players on both ends of the field. Lily is the key supporting card for this file, so we decided she would be an excellent choice to help players get started on collecting their Command Dolls file. 

Included in each pack will be 9 random, Lawtia commons that are currently planned to be included in the first Core set. Here is the list:


Lycanthrope [Leonardo] 36

Magic Doll -Melee- 212

Lycanthrope [Fenrir] 217

Corruption 218

Warning Knife 320

Night Wing Wyvern 435

Crest Devil Knight 528

Hell Smoke 530

Priestess of Madness 531

Parts Recycle 532

Lich 606

Lycanthrope [Echidna] 608

Death's Embrace 609

Lycanthrope [Taurus] 763

Magic Doll -Mobility- 765

Magic Doll -Exorcist- 857

Bitter Destiny 858

Lycanthrope [Belphegor] 966

Lycanthrope [Janus] 1087

Knight of the Abyss 1634

Magic Doll -Augmented- 1635

Death Calling 1749


Moonlight Warrior 40

Invisible Druid 44

Shade 47

Skeleton Warrior 221

Crest Mindsoldier 222

Succubus 226

Soul Pact 228

Crest Halberd Soldier 321

Cemetery Rats 322

Soulblade Swordswoman 436

Living Armor 437

Magic Doll -Defective- 439

Broken Priest 534

Crest Veteran Swordswoman 535

Exchange of Souls 537

Consuming Grudge 612

Crest Spy 614

Revenant 615

Crest Greatsword Soldier 769

Wounding Sword 771

Augmented Sorcerer 861

Angry Mob 862

Word of Dalos 863

Magic Doll -Mini- 970

Dark Confederation 972

Skeleton Archer 1090

Augmented Soldier Girl 1637

Magic Doll -Undead- 1638

Augmented Soldier 1639

Spirit Witch 1753

This sale will last until 6/8/14. Feel free to comment and discuss on the forums: