Pirate Day File Winner
Written by Logress   
Tuesday, 22 September 2009 16:04

Okay, I've gone through all the entries in the pirate day file. Dub Rido has one big issue, how do you win when you're restoring your enemy's units every turn?  Well, the obvious answer is to destroy the enemy's Cemetery. Since it's the obvious answer and the point was to do something different than the "average" (if such a thing is possible) Dub Rido deck, I mostly had to look for files that did something else. One exception was Beast Hunter files, but after some deliberation I decided against them because I felt it was just too complicated to incorporate our pirate friend into them (trust me... I've tried).

But still, I couldn't narrow it down so I went with two winners...

...Skewer and NoFish. 

Skewer ran an undead file, with both Madness Priestess and Dub Rido on the field to ensure he'd be returning units to his card file faster than the enemy would kill them.  But the real reason I picked it was the solution for the "Dub Rido problem", which was to not care how many enemy units you return to the file, just use Dical and Iczer attack around them. I felt the backstabbing nature of that strategy was exceptionally pirate-y.

NoFish more or less added Dub Rido to a Starmander file, but the result has surprisingly unique play and is a lot of fun. The angle, put Dub Rido in with a bunch of counterskillers, was not completely unique but he did it really well, and other than one Retair for emergencies, he's got a very pirate-y solution to the "Dub Rido problem." Kill lots of the enemy at once, and kill them all the time. That's a plan worthy of a pirate (possibly one who's had too much rum).  But really, the best part of his file is the description he wrote on how to play it... that was worth the 20 point cards right there. Congratulations to NoFish for uncovering the "secret" win condition of the "TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY" contest!

Now, let's be takin' a look at thar files, maties!


File Name: Avast! I Heard Ye Be Likin' to Pirate...
Iczer Name: NoFish

Soul Skills (in the order they be walkin' the plank):
Lycanthrope [Serph]
Spell Lancer
Magic Musician
Dance Macabre / Lelein
Dance Macabre / Lelein

Boy Inquisitor / Cudgel x3
Proxy of Sea / Oseon x1
Shear Winds x1
Star Dragon x3
Meaning of Failure x2
Pirate King / Dub Rido x3
Salamander x2
Folrart Guardian x3
Dispel x1
Blessing x1
Return x1
Instant Revival x1
Disjunction x1
Holy Emperor / Retear x1
Mirror of Light x1

Play Description:
Arr! The Pirate King's problem be that in the heat of battle he don't tell friend from foe and be hitting both indiscriminately so I be about makin' a deck that don't mind a few lashin's. With a file like this either Dub's skill be hittin' the enemy or it be hitting ye and then ye be hittin' the enemy - and ye probly won't be doin' enough damage to be killin' any of yer own men 'cause they all be priddy hardy. Between Star Dragon's attack and some salamanders as you be needin' 'em ye should be able to make lots more than one enemy be walkin' the plank per turn so Dub's other autoskill won't be helpin' yer opponent too much - an' iffin' it does ye can just be playin' Retear for his action skill to wipe 'em all out. I be addin' Cudgel in casin' a any big-blokes er speedy files who might be tryin' to pick off Dub before he be gettin' a chance to go. Watch out fer that lousy landlubber Athira Shin 'cause he can be wreckin' yer ship real quick if ye ain't careful.

First ye be skippin' a turn, then ye be playin' yer Proxy. Turn after that ye be wantin' to lay down a Meaning of Failure to be boostin' yer SP. Then ye be wantin' to put down Dub in the back, then Guardian, and be puttin' a Blessing on her to make her a real pain fer the other bloke to deal with while ye be savin' up for yer Star Dragon.



Iczer Name: Skewer
File Name: Pirates of the Caribbean?

Magic Doll ~Support~
Hellspawn / Zalzagul
Soldier of Gaia
Sea and Wind / Bulerigid
Soldier of Gaia

Play cards:
3x Meaning of Failure
3x Soul Pact
3x Night Wing Wyvern
2x Ancient Zombie Lord
1x Left Hand Shield / Kafkar
3x Death Knight
3x Pirate King / Dub Rido
3x Priestess of Madness
3x Abyss Centaur / Dical
1x Cyclone

Literally spend the first half of the game spamming MoF and Soul Pact.
Let them waste sp iczering into you triggering Doll ss(if they dont,
even better). Hellspawn ss will drain the rest of their sp. Afterwards,
Night wing will continue to drain any sp they try to save for iczer
attacks. Drop either Kafkar or Zombie Lord, if they seem too aggresive.
When you are done using most of your sp grims, play death knight, dub,
priestess, and dical. Try to conserve as much sp as possible (zombies
make this really easy). When you have banked enough sp, time some deaths
so that bulerigid triggers, making sure dical is still on the field.
Immediately shift modes and iczer attack every turn. Dub will hopefully
still be around to bring back Dicals and Death knight will want to be
around to tank.
Sure, the opponent will have all their units back too, but at this point
it doesnt even matter since you should have enough sp banked to iczer
them to death. It also helps if they lost a bit of LP from earlier too.