Beginner's Pack Announcement
Written by Logress   
Thursday, 15 October 2009 19:55

As we've announced before, we're beginning a new campaign to provide card shop items that better suit our users' needs.  The first new shop item is called the BEGINNER'S PACK.  The idea is to have a new Card Pack that is a total no-brainer first purchase.  Judging by the forums, it looks like a new player needs to do about two hours of reading to decide how and what to buy (packs, boxes, what set or lottery?), or maybe 100 matches worth of game experience.  That's fine (well, maybe not fine, but okay) for a user who's been playing for three months before he decides to take the plunge and buy. However, if everyone had that much patience then Refess Phoenix Files would have dominated set 1 (If you don't get that joke, go look at the Card File for Set One, The Beginning, and think about what Folrart Files you could make with only those cards.)

And now, for the details of the Beginner's Pack!

First of all, the Packs will go on sale tomorrow, that's Friday the 16th, and last until the beginning of November. At that time, we'll process all our data, see how they were received (read the forum complaints), and see how they affected game balance.  Then we'll decide if we're going to re-launch them with the same cards, different cards, change the price, or scrap them all together. Keep in mind that these exact cards may not be available in later versions if they seem to have a damaging effect on game balance (I'm looking at you, Guardian, Succubus, Mercenary and Witch.)

The Beginner's Pack costs 500 Gran. Inside each Beginner's Pack are 45 random cards from the following list:

Elite Folrart Acolyte
Blessed Armor Knight
Folrart Guardian
Inquisition Raid Leader
Magic Bolt

Black Hound
Lycanthrope [Legion]
Cemetery Rats
Girl Druid
Crest Halberd Soldier
Flesh Recycle
Exchange of Souls

Rifleman Knight
Boomerang Fighter
Girl Mercenary
Gaia Gem Monk
Blitz Soldier
Ball of Flame
River of Fire

Battle Mage of Regus
Sea Claw
Rapidly Flying Apprentice
Wizard Archer of Regus
Eagle Soldier
Frozen Lance
Lost Tome


Under no circumstances will any Beginner's Pack have more than any 3 copies of any one card, or more than 4 Grimoires.  This semi-random selection will give you 2-3 copies of most of the units on this list, and maybe 3-4 of those Grimoires (probably no duplicates, though). You'll be able to put many of these cards into your modified Starter right away. The off-Sphere cards you may get will provide many excellent soul skills, and provide a solid start on building a second File. There also a few lower level cards of each Sphere that are splashable. Once you've completed your first purchase, you can move on to the Lottery or Set Packs. You could also purchase a second Beginner's Pack to fill in your third copy of any cards you didn't get three of, but you'll probably end up Recycling a lot of the cards. After two, it's unlikely you'll find much value in a Beginner's Pack, so it'll definitely be time to try out some of the other areas of the Card Shop. But then again, it's called a 'Beginner's Pack' for a reason, invaluable to Beginners, not so useful to our veterans. Now, tomorrow we'll get to see if it lives up to its design.


Why does this not fill the void of Reinforcement packs? In away, this fills the void Reinforcement packs were originally meant to fill.  Also, it's not meant to on its own.  Once we've got two or three new products in the shop, the Reinforcement packs will seem pretty redundant. Or if they don't, you'll tell us and we'll put them back in some form.

Why does it cost so much?  Well, at 500 Gran for 45 cards it's only a little bit more expensive per card than the lottery, but it's way, way more likely to give you usable cards, and it's cheaper than any other option. Also, it's designed for first-time Gran buyers primarily. Really, the lottery is still there for the day to day grinders, because they want to get cards quickly (the faster you improve your deck as a free player, the faster you raise your win %, the more free cards you get). Of course, plenty of users grinded away to get 3 Reinforcement packs, so it's still an option.

What about all of us non-beginners?  We didn't want to premiere multiple new shop items all at once, since if one was unbalancing the others might get ignored and we wouldn't get good data. Don't worry, there will be more to come in the future.