Your Starters and You
Written by Logress   
Wednesday, 23 December 2009 06:19

I'm sure you've all got STARTERS on your mind, so I thought I'd clear some things up.  First of all, if everything goes right the new Starters should be up after maintenance.  Any accounts made after then will get new Starters.

Tomorrow, we're going to give everyone a Starter Switcher Card, and from now on all new accounts will get one. The Starter Switcher Card works just like a Point Card, and kind of looks like one.  Except instead of a Roman Numeral 1 (or 'I') it has a Beginner's Mark on it. It will appear next to your Point Cards in the File menu, and like Point Cards it will show up on the 'Award Cards' list in the File's Checklist, along with every other card that doesn't fit into a Set.

Instead of Clicking on the Point Card Redeemer to use these cards, you'll click on the Starter Switcher, which will also be on the My Iczer page.  There, you can redeem your card to change your Starter to any one of the four new starters.  WARNING, you can only switch to a NEW starter, so if you don't like it you can only switch to a different new starter, you can't get back your old outdated starter. If you want more Starter Switcher cards, you can buy them in the shop for 500 Gran, half the price of an additional starter. However, cards gotten from the Starter Switcher are normal Beginner's Cards, with the Beginner's Mark and no Recycle value.  We will also be giving away more free Starter Switcher cards whenever we change the Starters again.

WARNING these new Starters may have some great cards, but they may also not have some cards you're used to having around. For example, the new Falkow Starter will not include Undines, the new Lawtia Starter will not include Invisible Druid, the new Gowen Starter will not include Archer Scout, and the new Refess Starter will not include Priest of the Holy Word.  You probably use these guys in a lot of Files, so if you're not sure you'll want to try them out on an alternate account before commiting.  When you switch your starter, all the old starter cards will disappear, and any File that used them will be invalid until you Edit them and fill in the gaps.