5 of 7: Throw Red Beans at Oni Day
Written by Logress   
Friday, 29 January 2010 16:28

You heard right!  February is a treasure trove of obscure non-holidays. Throw Red Beans at Oni Day, or as they say in the East, Setsubun. Basically, you throw red Azuki Beans at Oni to drive away the evil spirits. Check out the wikipedia page.

The spirit of the day is to give away lots of nice little things (like Azuki beans) here and there, and we've got, well... one Oni. It even says so on his flavor text. So, we're having a 5 of 7 and we're going to give away a Dalos! Hmm... worst prize ever? Well Dalos is pretty stylin, but one three star is pretty sad compared to some of our previous give-aways... so, we just need MORE WINNERS. 20 sounds good! Twenty lucky winners will get a Dalos in next week's 5 of 7.

As always, winners are picked from the pool of qualifying Iczers. Any Iczer who plays (meaning a duel in a ranked arena that goes for 10 turns or more) on 5 different days during next week (Monday 1st through Sunday the 7th) will qualify. In addition, all qualifying Iczers will get 5 Point Cards.

Not enough? In the spirit of Oni day, the 3rd, Lupos will be giving away Gran on Facebook and Twitter at different points during the day, and night next Wednesday!

So, there you have it. Everyone get out your red beans and your oni masks. I know you have them.