I Choo Choo Choose You
Written by lupos   
Tuesday, 02 February 2010 17:24

So it's that time of year again. When young mens fancy turns to thoughts of ogres and serpents and unrealistically clothed female warriors. That's right Valentines day! In celebration of this most sacred of Hallmark holidays we here at Alteil thought it would be fun to imagine what the valentines that the people/creatures of Lavato give each other look like. As such we are having a contest! You, our faithful and talented Iczers shall make Alteil Valentines. They could be Iczer to iczer, Iczer to normal human, Iczer to Lavato Citzen, etc. Whatever you want. Details after the break:

Ok so, ground rules:
  1. No using actual card art. We can't do it, we can't support you doing it. So don't. Besides, as our April fools day antics last year proved, peoples interpretations of cards are much more entertaining.
  2. No bigger than the attached samples below. Download them, use them. If you want a card like Ralph's from above then you can add a bit of excess onto them but keep it reasonable. I'd like to see file sizes under 1MB and .JPG format. .PNGs and .GIFs are also OK if you are doing a cut-out/transparent thing.
  3. PUT YOUR ICZER NAME IN THE EMAIL!!!!! In the past we have gone to great lengths to find out who sent us what. This time, no dice. If you don't tell us who you are, tough!

Now on to the prizes! There will be 3 winners of our (your faithful GM's) choosing. Prizes will be award for first, second, and third place and are as follows:

  1. 2x Rougeerst + 20 extra Point Cards
  2. 2x Rougeerst + 10 extra Point Cards
  3. 2x Rougeerst + 5 extra Point Cards

The reason it says "extra point cards" is because all submissions will receive 5 point cards for their hard work.



Sample Cards


(Right click and "save as" to download) 


(Right click and "save as" to download)