Card Errata Friday
Written by Logress   
Thursday, 11 February 2010 16:17

 Tomorrow, Friday the 12th, we will be rolling out a set of Card Errata.  A list of effected cards follows:

Folrart Standard Bearer

Volcano Wyvern

 Killing Machine / Lebeau

Fountain Knight / Elinth

Mad Beast / Dandan

Unknown Knight / Anno

Mermaid Shield Soldier

Doll Master / Sumer

Dragonrider / Rescource

EX: The Magician / Primrose

Bog Wyvern


Sea Serpent

Elite Fencer of Regus

Heierrat Spy



1) Why wasn't card <insert name here> buffed? No one uses it.

Card usage was checked in the back end and figured into all decisions.  Some cards get most of their play in Crest, or are useful only for building low-rarity versions of meta decks, or may be bad in the current meta but may have their uses in the past or future.

2) Why wasn't card <insert name here> nerfed? No one can beat it.

There were a few strong cards we considered nerfing, but decided against it because of low card use. Basically, we didn't want to nerf anything unless we were sure it was a problem. Also, we are less likely to nerf low rarity Soul Skills because they serve as playing field levelers, and removing them can be dangerous.

3) I see some older cards on the list. Does this mean they're going to be awesome? And why weren't other older cards buffed also?

The only cards we buffed were those whose key point no longer exists, and never will again. For example, a unit whose strong point is killing slow cards is useless when there aren't a lot of slow cards in the meta, but it might come up in the future. LeBeau, however, his only strong point was that there was only 1 other AGI 5 card in the game. That's never going to happen again. Elinth was the only level 3 Refess with 35 AT, and Dandan was the only 0SP cost multi-attacker.  None of these situations will ever come up again, so they've all received small buffs to make them a bit more fair.

4) So, Heierrat Spy and Volcano Wyvern... what are they going to do now?

None of the cards' "roles" have been changed.  So basically, buffed cards will still do the same thing, but they'll be a little better at it. If you liked the concept of a card but couldn't get it to work, it's your lucky day. If you didn't and are hoping a card you've been holding onto will turn into something else you do like, no dice.  Sumer is one exception because her concept just didn't work at all.