Intro to Alteil Quest is a Go!
Written by Logress   
Wednesday, 24 February 2010 17:19

Yes, that's right, today's big announcement is the Introductory Quest. Why, were you expecting something else? You see, I TOLD everyone that the surprise for today wouldn't be the Premium Features (Logically, with last night's posts it wasn't a surprise.) I never lie. Now, go spend money on our game, it'll make unicorns happy.

Here's how it works, the Introductory Quest is a series of 11 tasks that are essentially Achievements. In fact, this is kind of the proof-of-concept / live test of the Achievement System (don't worry, it will come with a fancy interface when we finally get the real thing done). The series begins with a single mail from Lapierre Sensei, and then after you complete each Achievement you'll get another in game mail telling you all about the next one. Each email tells you a little more about Alteil and gives you some hints. As you complete them, you'll be rewarded with cards (Beginner's versions).

Everyone will be able to get them. I figure everyone trying to get 11 Achievements as fast as possible will emulate the load the system will have on the servers if a full-blown Achievement System is running with no time limit.


What happens if I get the Achievements out of order?
-For the Introductory Quest you have to do them in order. Some of them, like "reach level 2" are obviously retroactive, so if you get the one before it and you're already level 2, you'll get both at once.

I didn't get the initial mail from Lapierre Sensei
-In case that's a problem, I have the mail transcribed below.


Welcome to Alteil

It looks like we've got another new ICZER here in Alteil. Um, by Iczer I mean you. As for Alteil, it's kind of a gateway between your world and Lavato, a land of swords and sorcery. Here, you can use Alteil Cards to summon heroes, monsters and magical powers from Lavato and wield them in duels.

People capable of using Alteil Cards are what we call Iczers. Now is your chance to learn how to duel with Alteil Cards, become a great Iczer and protect the world of Lavato from BATORA, the ultimate evil!

So let's get started! Get a Starter File of Alteil Cards by clicking on the GAME Tab if you haven't already. Then, try it out on an NPC opponent.

The level 1 NPC is Rosemary Izari, and she uses Refess. It's her job to train the new recruits. Challenge her in the SINGLE PLAYER ARENA in the Game Tab and then once you've successfully defeated her return to the Mail Tab. Clicking on INBOX will check for new messages.

PRE-REQUISITE: Open to every level Iczer.
REWARD: Folrart Shield Knight