Premium Features in Details
Written by Edgar Figaro   
Wednesday, 24 February 2010 18:07

As some of you may have noticed by now, the Premium Features are now active. They do not cost anything additional, but only those who use the Cashier Tab will get them. In addition, there is a FREE TRIAL of the Theatre Tab, which is already available to everyone.  Here are the details:

When you make a purchase of 1100 Gran or more from the Cashier tab, along with your Gran your account will be upgraded with Premium Features at no additional cost.


-Double the number of slots you have for Card Files under the FILE menu from 10 to 20.

-Double max length of your in-game mail.

-Adds the Theater functionality, which allows you to watch Replays of your battles, and share them.

Theater Tab

When you finish a battle, you will be given the option to Save it. Select a Saved Battle Slot from the dropdown menu in the Theater Tab and hit Save Battle. You may also type in a name that will help you remember it later.

If you want to share your battle, just select Display URL and cut and paste it wherever you want. The system will automatically disguise your Rival Iczer's name and Avatar for other users, although you will be able to see them when you play them directly from the menu.

You begin with 5 slots to save battle Replays. You may purchase more for 100 Gran each. Unlike the Premium Upgrade, additional slots can be bought withgran earned outside of the Cashier tab.

When you playback a battle, you will be given controls like a DVD player, where you can skip forward or back through the turns, pause or jump to the beginning or end of the battle.

Free Trial

All users get a Free Trial of the Theater Tab. Whenever you finish a battle, you will be given the option to Save a Replay of that battle and start your Trial Membership. This free membership will last for one week.

Expired Accounts

If you re-activate Premium Features on an account that previously had Premium Features in the past, you will have all of your Card Files and saved Replays restored to you, provided it has been one month or less. Any more, and it is possible some of the data will be overwritten. If you purchased extra Replay slots, those will be restored to your account no matter how much time has past.