Arakis' Quest - The Ladies Only Quest 3/1/10 - 3/15/10
Written by Edgar Figaro   
Monday, 01 March 2010 21:29

This one's been requested repeatedly, and it's finally time we got to it. The rules are simple. Every card you use in your entry must feature a lady. Well, okay so it's not quite so simple. Because of the ambiguity introduced by grimoires and certain cards like Great Spirits, after much consideration I've decided that only cards in the card list that contain the "Female Card" tag will be eligible.

In other words, this will also be a grimoire-less Quest. You can use any unit or characters you like for both your soul and play cards, provided they contain the Female Card tag in their text description. To save everyone some time, I went ahead and made a list of all the eligible cards. You'll find it at the bottom of this write-up. If anyone notices that I missed an eligible card or that something in the list doesn't belong, please contact me and it will be corrected.

Geta get the bonus prize for this Quest. There's no doubt much synergy to be had amongst the ladies of Lavato, so let's see what all you can construct. Check out the main contest page for further general info, and send your existing or theoretical entry to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it You have until noon EST on Monday, 3/15, to submit. And if you have access to premium features, you have the option of saving a test battle using your entry. Feel free to send me the URL for the replay if you want me to see what your entry can do in your own hands.


Saber Saint / Lapierre
Rapidshot Magic Archer
Light SpearwomanRuler of Crest / Eskatia
Choaslady / Annarose
Elite Crest Knight
Lycanthrope [Lillith]
Magic Doll
Girl Spectre
Bounty Hunter / Elena
Bellydancer / Kurina
Magic Sword Dual Wielder
Archer Scout
Witch Queen / Catherina
Lightning Girl / Rubia
Black Cat / Fellana
Aqua Sorcerer / Mystere
Swan Cavalier
Sorcerer Guard
Song Sorceress
Sun and Birth / Weissvogel
Moon and Soul / NoirweidenFire and Gaia / Rougeerst
Sea and Wind / Bulerigid Realm Guardian / Mayleen
Time Reader / LavendeFountain Knight / Elneith
Folrart Shrine Knight
Lycanthrope [Seraph]
Priestess of the Holy Weapon
Armed Citizens
Black Dragonrider / Millia
Soul Keeper / Phimilliar
Magic Doll -Melee-Lycanthrope [Scylla]
Magic Doll -Support-Elder Druid
SuccubusLethal Archer
Rifleman KnightGuard Leader / Renally
Swan Swordswoman / AlnaWind Sorceress / Femiel
Sylph SorceressWizard Archer of Regus
Swallow ScoutRapidly Flying Apprentice
Holy Mother of Blood / VelvetVirtuoso / Rutina
Magic Dancer / ChiruruWill o' the Wisp Soldier
Folrart Guardian
Folrart Dual-Wielding Soldier
Magic Shade Soldier
Girl Druid
Novice AssassinShield Coat / Fierte
The Magician / PrimroseAmazon
Samurai GirlEvangelical Hymn / Gospel
Fire Sorceress / AdditionSpell Lancer
Magic MusicianBattle Mage of Regus
Black Valkyrie / IginaEX: Dance Macabre / Lelein
EX: The Magician / PrimroseFlight Master / Fomuna
EX: Evangelical Hymn / GospelFallen Moon Child / Miffyre
Inquisition Nun / Cynthia2nd Shrine Leader / Shathia
Light Magic Archer+
Folrart Flying Cavalry
Dance Macabre / LeleinLady of the Megiddo / Belfyna
Magic Doll -Fencer-Magic Doll -Heavy Shield-
Magic Doll -Grappler-Soulblade Swordswoman
Magic Doll -Defective-Beast Hunter / Rivera
Fighter PixyGirl Mercenary
Mage Librarian / BernetForest Sorceress / Antilla
Sorcerer Monk of Regus
Mermaid Aquamancer
Mermaid Spear Fighter
Sky Staff Sorceress
Mermaid Sorceress
High Inquisitor / Fortune
EX: Soul Keeper / Phimilliar
Lost Magic Doll / Esria
Mermaid Captain / Balzelda
3rd Shrine Leader / Ridrea
Servant of the Sun / Safiria
Knight of Shrine Zero
Knight of the 1st Shrine
Knight of the 2nd Shrine
Knight of the 3rd Shrine
Pegasus Knights
Command Unit / Violet X2
Command Unit / Scarlet Rose
Command Unit / White Lily
Priestess of Madness
Magic Doll -Sniper-
Crest Veteran Swordswoman
Beast King / Rivera
Mage Pixy
Heierrat Mage
Feline Kin Fighter
Lady Paladin / Mirelia
Mermaid Princess / Emana
Mermaid Wizardress / Faytis
Frost Sorceress / Rasam
Ice Sorceress
Teleportation Soldier
Mermaid Soldier
Mermaid Archer
Mermaid Girl Sorceress
Frost Bow Archer
Holy Knight / Lapierre
EX: 2nd Shrine Leader / Shathia
Gun Princess / Yuni
EX: Shield Coat / Fierte
EX: Forest Sorceress / Anttila
EX: Girl Mercenary
Unknown Knight / Aano
Folrart Lady Paladin
Lycanthrope [Brahma]
Girl Combat Priest
Doll Master / Sumer
New Magic Doll / Astaforce
Night Singer / Miandela
Lycanthrope [Echidna]
Haste Assassin
Magic Doll -Healer-
Crest Spy
Last Hunter / Cassandra
Ancient Mage Pixy
Archer Pixy
Spell Analyst / Diondora
Cursed Siren / Metia
Strike Sorcerer of Regus
Elite Fencer of Regus
Mermaid Dancer
Mermaid Shield Soldier
Carrier [Singer of Friendship]
Carrier [Singer of Love]