It's all about the EPIC WINNERS
Written by Logress   
Thursday, 04 March 2010 23:24

After a surprisingly difficult job watching and judging, we've got our winners!

There were a lot of difficult choices, many of these battles showed off really smart planning and good decision making... but that doesn't make the battle Epic by itself. There needs be something extra, a weird card choice a key field wipe, or a big switchup.

And without further ado, our winner is:


Not only did he play deck destruction, a hit or miss prospect from the start, but he switched into a Shelby mass destruction setup (always a crowd pleaser) and ended up winning with everyone's favorite, Animated Dead. What's interesting is that he wasn't just using AD for fun, it was actually the best card for the job in this situation. With all the enemy's Grims dead from deck destruction (so returns and SP drain was no worry), Level 1 Animated Dead let Casabeto keep all his SP right where he wanted it, in his SP pool where he could use it for Grims like Holy Shield.  On top of that, Animated Dead (or actually two of them) did the late game killing (with no attack buffs) and brought the deck to victory.

Our Runners up: (in no particular order)


Featuring returning ping pong and some rarely seen cards like Expert Sorcerer and Rubia


One of the few underdog matches where our hero was legitimately behind the entire game until the very end when he pulled off a win.


Excellent use of Sergis as the center of a file. The interesting thing is the most important advantages of Sergis turned out to be the healing in his Counter and the fact his Action Skill only hits units with HP he can kill. With a little range added, he ended up sniping all the enemy's support units without wasting swings on the tanks.


Effective use of Fomuna, the Falkow EX card that may have never been involved in winning a duel before this one. Could have been our winner, but the rest of his deck was pure DES which isn't that exciting.


A fun match featuring Phimillar, in a Zu-jyuva deck.  


Now, if that's not enough we decided to throw out a few HONORABLE MENTION.  You see, a few guys got together and staged some very fun matches, but unfortunately they were a little too staged and lacked the excitement in watching to earn a top prize.  Also, we decided to add two more users in here who pulled off impressive wins against very high level players. They will get an additional 5 Point Cards.

Honorable Mention:

Artist, TLHM, Setsuna and WorldEmotion for some matches that teach everyone a little bit about what's possible.

Sabrie1 kimwynge and garcia1000 for pulling off big wins against the odds.


Epic!  Be sure to look through the main forum post here.  Prizes will probably have to wait till Lupos gets back from Ninja Class at 9:30.