Beginner's Packs Return Friday
Written by Logress   
Wednesday, 10 March 2010 22:08

Beginner's Packs are back!  From Friday, March 12th until Friday April 16th Beginner's Packs will be available in the Card Shop.

Beginner's packs are 45 card packs chosen from a narrow list of cards that are guaranteed to deliver playsets! That means you pick up one of these and you'll immediately have a whole bunch of new cards to add to your File and your Soul Skills! The best part is they're only 500 Gran (about $5).

The idea is that veterans know what and how to buy cards, they've been around, they've read the forums, they known when the Rarity Up events happen, they now how many cards they have to have before the Lottery is less useful. But a first time buyer might be lost with all the options, so they need a cheap, effective buying option to improve their collections fast.  That is what the Beginner's Pack is for.


Under no circumstances will the pack deliver more than 3 of one card, and no more than 4 Grimoires total. This semi-random selection will give you 2-3 copies of most of the units on this list, and maybe 3-4 of those Grimoires (probably no duplicates, though). You'll be able to put many of these cards into your modified Starter right away. The off-Sphere cards you may get will provide many excellent soul skills, and provide a solid start on building a second File. There also a few lower level cards of each Sphere that are splashable. Once you've completed your first purchase, you can move on to the Lottery or Set Packs. You could also purchase a second Beginner's Pack to fill in your third copy of any cards you didn't get three of, but you'll probably end up Recycling a lot of the cards. After two, it's unlikely you'll find much value in a Beginner's Pack, so it'll definitely be time to try out some of the other areas of the Card Shop. But then again, it's called a 'Beginner's Pack' for a reason, invaluable to Beginners, not so useful to our veterans.

 Beginner's Pack Card List:

Elite Folrart Acolyte
Blessed Armor Knight
Folrart Guardian
Novice Folrart Acolyte
Priest of the Holy Word
Over Soul
Magic Bolt

Skeleton Warrior
Lycanthrope [Legion]
Living Armor
Night Soul
Crest Halberd Soldier
Flesh Recycle
Exchange of Souls

Rifleman Knight
Man-eating Tiger
Devouring Lizard
Gaia Gem Monk
Blitz Soldier
Ball of Flame
Boulder Drop

Carrier [Singer of Friendship]
Sea Claw
Rapidly Flying Apprentice
Giant Ancient Tortoise
Mermaid Archer
Deep Sleep
Lost Tome


Note, if you've been around you might remember the last time we did this. As you can see, we've swapped out a few cards based on changes to the Starters, the Introductory Quest, and based on comments from our users.