April 1st-2nd WEIRD Seasonal Art Sale!
Written by Logress   
Wednesday, 31 March 2010 22:26

Last year, almost exactly one year ago... it was on the first day of April, we lost the rights to all of the Alteil Art for exactly one day! It was a harrowing time, but myself and the other GM's (mostly the other GM's) stayed up all night and redrew every single card so the game could go on.

To commemorate this, we're having a seasonal art sale of these hand crafted masterpieces, THURSDAY April 1 and FRIDAY April 2... eight which have been offered before in a seasonal lottery shortly after the original event, and 8 which have never been offered before.

Just to sweeten the deal, and since we're on the topic of weird alternate cards, remember last Halloween when the GM's dressed up as different cards and took pictures? Well, I don't blame you, I'm trying to forget it too.  Anyway, we picked 8 of those cards to add to the mix too. As an added bonus, none of them will involve me in a shell bra.

OK, so here's the roll call for the Seasonal Art Sale...

GM costumes Halloween Art

Folrart Guardian

Holy Dragon

Vile Swordsman  / Afel

Broken Pirest



Forest Sorceress / Antilla

Rapier Fencer of Regus


Hand drawn by the GM's Alternate Art:

Raise Shield

Cassowary King

Light Chaser / Advent

Folrart Spiked Shield Knight

Lycanthrope [Leonardo]

Solar Eclipse / Alphonce

Moonlight Warrior

Warning Knife

Falkow Pocky

Monk of the Single Strike

Gaia Anaconda


Meaning of Failure

Giant Ancient Tortoise

Fire Sorceress / Addition




If you want any of these cards enough to tolerate the horrible... ER, I mean... if you love this awesome art and the awesome pictures of awesome us,  you need to check out this sale! Man, I should have pursued a career in sales. I'm so slick.