Comin' straight out the Wastelands
Written by lupos   
Friday, 02 April 2010 19:26

For the first time on MP3, all your favorite ALTEIL hits are avaialble on one album. That's right, Alteil Records (which is part of Anime Works music shop, which is licensed by CoreEdge Production, which is part of GamePot Records) is proud to present "Lupos + DWildStar: Songs in the Key of Lavato". Your favorite (i.e. Most willing to embarrass themselves in public) GMs have teamed up for a once in a life time musical extravaganza. The 4 gods them selves couldn't have produced a more stunning musical arrangement. 

 Marvel at tracks like:


  • Bong Bong Bong
  • Do do do du dun
  • Ooo Lyrics
  • And many more...
But act fast because if you "right click and 'save as'" right now you'll also get all of your favorite in game sound effects in 100% stereo acapella sound!
Relive your favorite Alteil moments with hits like
  • Boo
  • Pop
  • se04
  • se12
  • se26
  • And Several more...
Right click and save as and be the first on your block to own the Album that will most certainly define this generation!