We have a new DEMO
Written by Logress   
Friday, 02 April 2010 19:50

We now have a new demo!  Using new Demo: and NPC: cards, we've made a new demo that emphasizes fun and provides a good introduction to the game using simplified cards (cards that don't actually appear in the game, but exemplify basic card types).

I know what you're thinking. Why are the GM's taking all this time working on the Demo, something the regular users never use? Simple, according to our records, most of our regular users saw our site, did some poking around and decided to go right ahead and make an account without even trying the Demo. Visitors who were on the fence tried the demo, and the grand majority of them never made an account. In fact, the data makes it look like our Demo was actually scaring away potential users. Anyone who ever tried to get a friend to play Alteil and said "just go to the site and try the demo" knows that it needed to be fixed, it needed it bad.

So, check out the new demo and tell us what you think.  And, if you got a buddy you've been meaning to tell about Alteil, but just didn't want to go through the hassle of teaching him, go ahead and throw him a link.  Maybe the demo will do its job this time.


Oh, also the enemy of the Demo is also the 1st NPC, so the 1st NPC now uses the special cards. I did thread some code in there that should make it take it easy on you if you're playing with a normal starter and not the more powerful Demo deck, so it should be okay. Sometime tomorrow we'll put up a new NPC with the old beginner refess deck you're used to.