Arakis' Quest Ladies Only Winners
Written by Logress   
Monday, 05 April 2010 18:21
The ladies of Lavato had quite the night out on the town.  It ran 
really late, like probably until 8AM or so.  But that's no excuse for 
how late these results are, and you have our apologies for that.  
Steps have been taken, however, to help ensure that we don't see 
delays like this again.  Now, on to the account of the epic girls night.

There were several themes that were prevalent in this Quest, which 
doesn't come as any real surprise as they're popular in the Folrart 
meta.  Mermaids, Magic Dolls, and Shrine Knights were all prominent, 
but the winner turned out to be a new twist on a theme that goes all 
the way back to set 2 (maybe even set 1).  There are plenty of female 
Lycanthropes, after all, and Eskatia and Succubus, two of their 
primary enablers, are also female.  In retrospect, it was probably a 
good thing grimoires were not allowed this time because these files 
might have been overwhelming with their inclusion.

This is the second time in a row that an Endless Night variant has 
won a Quest, and it's also the first time a contestant has been a 
repeat winner.  Just bear in mind that as effective as EN can be, it 
has its share of weaknesses so it's by no means a guaranteed winner 
for any given Quest.  A lot of it comes down to the testing match-
ups, which are unpredictable to say the least.  But enough of that--
feast your eyes on these lovely ladies:

Iczer: Otonashi
File Name: Girls Night Out

Soul Cards
1) Priestess of Madness
2) Magic Doll -Healer-
3) Knight of the 2nd Shrine
4) Assassin
5) Beast Hunter / Rivera

Play Cards
3 Ruler of Crest / Eskatia
3 Succubus
3 Lycanthrope [Lilith]
3 Lycanthrope [Sylla]
3 Lycanthrope [Echidna]
3 Night Singer / Miandela
3 Fallen Moon Child / Miffyre
1 Magic Doll -Defective-
3 Chaoslady / Annarose

1) CarnalForger
2) harvest4god
3) KaizerII
4) Indignatio
5) Politikas

This file also gets the no-prize for most unexpected open.  It opens 
with a Succubus.  This may seem highly illogical for an EN deck, but 
the reason is simple.  Not only will that card be fodder for the 
Priestess of Madness soul skill, but making it night on the first 
turn frustrates any EN or Endless Morning opponents by throwing off 
their rhythm.  Closely following will be Echidna in the front row, 
Lillith in the middle, and then Eskatia in the rear.  One big 
weakness here is that this file has no true defense against Cyclone, 
and it's vulnerable to returns.  But if timed well, the other copies 
of Succubus can be used to keep the opponent's SP restricted and keep 
them from hitting you too hard with grims or big units.

At this point the course the file varies, but typically Miffyre will 
come out to feed extra SP--helping keep those lycans alive.  Every 
time Echidna is killed, she takes SP from the opponent so that helps 
offset the bonus Miffyre gives them.  The combo hardest to pull off, 
but certainly the most punishing, is that of Scylla and Miandela.  
Not only can Miandela slow down an enemy for a turn with her open 
skill, but she can disengage Scylla, allowing her an extra attack or 
better yet, use of her brutal action skill if enough SP is available 
and it's nighttime.  The best part is, if Scylla goes twice this way, 
she gets her AT boost twice that turn.  Using her skill at that point 
is nearly a guaranteed field wipe.

Other than that, the file consists of Annarose for extra buffs, 
tanking, and soul skill bait, and a -Defective- for if you really 
want to force those soul skills on your opponent.  Assassin is in the 
lineup just in case you reach a point where -Defective- (or even 
Scylla) becomes a liability.  The -Healer- soul skill is meant to be 
used on Echidna, making her a formidable tank.  It takes a lot to get 
her HP down, and at night she'll just regenerate anyway.  Knight of 
the 2nd Shrine SS, if used on a full field, keeps all your units 
going far longer than they would otherwise.  This can be very helpful 
against damage grimoires.

The big risk here is Falkow with all its return and control tricks, 
and max HP reduction in the form of Refess units/grims and various 
soul skills.  Those make it hard to play such a file in the current 
meta, but beyond those counters this is a very powerful deck.  It 
just takes careful SP management and wise timing with those Succubus 

Thanks to all who entered, and congratulations to our winner and 
finalists.  This Quest was notably popular, as it saw a record 36 
entries.  Due to popular demand, the forum post of this Quest, and 
all subsequent ones, will include four honorable mentions.  These 
represent the rest of the top ten, and though they won't get any 
prizes, they'll provide further insight into the file building that 
went into the best a given Quest had to offer.  The next Quest is 
already underway, and I look forward to seeing what you can devise.