Written by Logress   
Friday, 16 April 2010 18:42

The FM Lottery is live. That means you can now buy cards for Fight Money (the free stuff). The card pool includes the extra cards and the main cards of each active Starter File. That means it can be a source of your third Dalos for example, or something special maybe from another starter, like Assassin for the Soul Skill. Even extra cards can be useful, like more copies of Elite Crest Knight, for example. Also, some cross-Sphere cards, like Sylph and Salamander, are good for everyone.

Here are some highlights:

Refess: Keep an eye out for more copies of Blessing, Recovery Powder, Elite Folrart Dual Wielder and Rapidshot Magic Archer. These can make great additions to your File. If you have Folrart Guardian from the Beginner's Pack, Salamander might make a good combo. And, if you're having trouble with high AGI enemies, you could try adding a Sylph.

Lawtia: The Lawtia Starter has the most units with less than three copies, so you stand to gain the most of any of the four spheres. Fill out your second or third copies of cards like Leonardo, Haste Assassin, Night Soul and Echinda. Then, pick and choose which you like better for your File. Your ultimate goal, of course, will be getting a third copy of Dalos, which can make your endgame something to be feared. You also might find a second Assassin Soul Skill or a second Flesh Recycle useful. 

Gowen: Kurina is the big score here. A third copy can make a huge difference. However, most high level Gowen players swear by a second copy of Fire Arrow, and that's not too hard to get.  Dual Magic Sword Wielder is a great unit, although the biggest prize might be Assassin, whose Soul Skill is a great match for the Gowen Starter.

 Falkow:  So I could sit here and tell you how cool it is to have a third copy of Femiel, or maybe enough copies of the Carrier to field her as an end-game unit, but really... you see, there's this card called Return. You might have heard of it. It Returns things.  It's also really common, and it's sort of important to a Falkow player. What I'm trying to say is, run, do not walk, to your nearest FM lotto and grind until you have three of them... oh, and a third copy of the Sorcerer Monk of Regus.  Then you can go and spend the rest of your fight money on Avatar accessories or something...

 The FM Lottery button is in the Card Shop.