Araki's Quest Results: The 2* one
Written by lupos   
Monday, 19 April 2010 21:35
It has been demonstrated that in Alteil, 2* rarity cards are no slouches.  Even without assistance from their more common or rare brethren, some of these entries absolutely crushed their NPC opponent  
during initial testing, then went on to do quite well as finalists.   
This Quest turned out to be, quite possibly, the closest to "meta"  
we've seen thus far.

Many familiar themes were prevalent amongst the entries.  This is no  
doubt because a lot of the build flavors commonly found in Folrart  
rely heavily on an assortment of 2* cards.  Every sphere was  
represented fairly evenly, despite Lawtia getting off to a slow  
start.  Gowen turned out to be the most dominant, but the others were  
very close behind.  The most common things that turned up were Shrine  
Knights, Undeads, Monsters, and Wizard Kingdom variants.  Our winner  
has entered quite a few Quests at this point, and it's his first time  
taking the top honors despite a few near misses in the past.  Give it  
up for:

Iczer: Harvest4god
File Name: Beware the beast

Soul Cards
1) Amazon
2) Der Freisch├╝tz
3) Owl Sage
4) Folrart Lady Paladin
5) Hell Smoke

Play Cards
3 Forest Rhino
3 Forest of Hate
3 Giant Gorilla
3 Alraune
3 Monk of the Single Strike
3 Spell Lancer
3 Bog Wyvern
2 Emerald Carbuncle
2 Teleport

1) Fyris
3) Politikas
4) Otonashi
5) Azurewrath

Beware the beast(s), indeed.  By far the most common opening seen in  
this Quest was Emerald Carbuncle.  Our winner was no exception.  But  
why not, as it's one of the best Shade-dodging openers in the game?   
And it makes a great sacrifice for the Amazon soul skill, giving some  
of your monsters added bite.  The first real beast out the gates is  
the Rhino, followed by Forest of Hate so that Rhino can use Brutal  
Goring over and over without having to skip turns.  Finally, Gorilla  
or Alraune fill out the field, their sequence depending on how much  
SP is available.  Gorilla works very well in this combo because when  
he dies, he can either revive or heal Rhino, Forest, or even  
Alraune.  Monk is there as an added unit that can hit fast and hard,  
and if you have to use up his AT in order to kill off a beefy tank,  
Forest can use its skill to give Monk a chance to fight once again.   
This is also handy because some files like Undeads rely on what's in  
their cemetery.  If you take that away with Forest's skill, you put  
them away much faster.  The only tricky part might be finding the SP  
to put Gowen up to 5 so Monk can rank up, but it's not always  
necessary that he does so.

The third soul card, Owl Sage, might seem odd, but that's because of  
the end game.  Falkow is important to this file, first because of the  
Teleports.  Gorilla and Rhino like their targets to be lined up just  
right, and Teleport can help facilitate that effect.  Or at the  
least, you'll make your opponent scramble to move his cards back  
where they were, which eats up his chance to attack most of the time.

At the end, Spell Lancer and Bog Wyvern hit the field.  It should  
come as no surprise to anyone that Bog, one of the best finishers of  
the game, can often cinch the win by picking off anything the Gowen  
cards weren't able to kill.  The sheer power of this file can be  
overwhelming at times, but then after all, it's mostly Gowen and the  
Falkow cards that are present have something of a Gowen flavor to them.

I would have to say that the biggest weakness of this file is its SP  
needs.  It works best with Gowen at 5 and Falkow at 6, and without  
any means of SP generation, this can be hard to pull off before your  
LP drops too far.  Therefore, the best way to foil it, other than  
bouncing its units, is to rush it down so it's too busy reviving,  
thus wrecking its SP curve.  A Fierte SS would hurt it considerably  
too, obviously.

Thanks to all who entered, and congratulations to our winner and  
finalists.  Entries started off kind of slowly for this Quest, and  
though there were very few real last minute entries, the rate picked  
up over the final weekend.  Next time, I'm going to try a slightly  
different format for how awards are given, so be sure to pay close  
attention to the announcement when it goes live next week.  It should  
end up being unique, if nothing else.