ADHD: Rankings
Written by lupos   
Monday, 19 April 2010 20:35

Deat Iczers, it is time again for I, your humble servant Lupos, to deliver to you the rankings. Rankings are a funny thing. Firstly, the word rank, when used by itself tends to make us think of something that smells unpleasant. "Man that's rank!"



Speaking of smells I was talking to my mother earlier and she was telling me she had bought a papaya today and discovered it gives her a skin rash. Similar to mangos. I have the same trouble. Though I eat dried mango cause it's delicious and does,'t irritate my sensitive face. Oh, did you hear about the face transplant they did the other day?! Craziness. I thought they already did one for that woman had lost her whole face. I guess this one involved even more face, cause they keep calling it the FIRST full facial replacement. Speaking of the replacements is a great movie. NOt like Citizen Kane kind of great, but I've personally watched it at least 5 times. It always seems to be on like Saturday or Sunday afternoon and I just always end up watching it. Gene Hackman is great and it's probably one of Keanu Reaves better roles. Oh BTW! My mom informs my the fruit allergy is related to latex allergies. Mango and Papaya are springy. I wonder if all stretchy foods do that. I know gum has some sort of rubber in it. Any one here try 5 gum? Were you also stunned when it didn't send you on some sort of amazing futuristic fruit filled thrill ride and instead just tasted like juicy fruit but cost 5 times as much?! Maybe that's where the name comes from. How bad they ripped you off.

As always anyone who has fought in the arena and had to much sugar today receives at least 10 gran. Listed below are your top 5 Iczers, top 3 Guilds, Guild who leveled up and Guilds that have become official.


  1. Johnjo
  2. sleep7j
  3. Tiuwaz
  4. Firmament
  5. worthing


  1. Taiwan Boxers
  2. ~mortem masters~
  3. Royal Flush


  1. ?


  1. ?