FREE All-Cards Tournament Fri, Sat and Sun
Written by Logress   
Thursday, 29 April 2010 00:18

As you may know, we're offering Gold Boxes in the shop for earlier sets for our "Gold Box Cycle" event. But what about those older cards? Are they worth investing in now?  If only there was a way you could try every card in the game to see what those cards are like. It would also help deciding about the new EX Packs (EX 6... also now in the shop).  More importantly, there is no better way to defeat a difficult deck in Alteil then to play it yourself and learn its weaknesses. Often an enemy is just barely holding his field together when you think he's walking all over you. After a few matches in his shoes, you'll realize how you could have turned the tables on him. But again, most enemy decks involve some cards you don't have... so the question is, how can you try them out?  And lastly, you're a beginner, trying to decide what Sphere you'd like or what kind of deck you'd like to build toward for the long term, but how can you know?

With all of these important things in mind, we present our first official tournament in a long while... the All Cards Tournament!

For those of you who have never been in the Tournament Arena before, it works pretty much like Folrart. Which means, if we open it for the whole weekend and participants just float in and out looking for a game, they'll have trouble finding opponents. To fix this, we are going to only have the Tournament Arena open for 4 hours on Friday, and then an additional 2 hours on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday.  The times will also be staggered to allow participants in all time zones.

Tournament Type: Star Battle and Win % combo.
Two winners for each prize, one for the top three Stars, one for the top three Win %.

Times:  FRIDAY, April 30th 8 PM-12 Midnight EST  SATURDAY 2 PM-4 PM EST  SUNDAY 12 AM (Midnight Saturday)-2 AM EST.

Two 1st Prizes – 300 Gran +30 Point Cards

Two 2nd Prizes – 150 Gran +20 Point Cards

Two 3rd Prizes – 100 Gran +10 Point Cards

Two prizes each for 4-10th place +10 Point Cards

All Other Participants +5 Point Cards (must complete at least one duel of 10 turns or more)



This is what we call a “Star Battle” Tournament. Everyone starts with 5 Stars and gains one if they win, and loses one if they lose. If you lose them all you’re out. Prizes will still be given to those who have the best Win % also. You can't win both, so if you qualify for two, you'll be given the better prize and your other prize will be given to the runner up. You must play five battles to qualify for a top Prize (participation prize only requires 1 battle).

When you sign up, it will ask you to choose a “Sealed Card File” but there only be one choice. It’s not exactly a sealed Tournament, however. Everyone gets 3 of every card in the game, so build anything you want. Change it up as many times as you want during the Tournament!
The “Edit your Card File” button will only work once you’ve entered the Tournament and chosen “Go to Tournament Lobby.” After that, It’ll let you edit your Tournament only Card File.

Remember, this is a tournament for everyone! And, with a great Participation Prize of 5 Point Cards and game times staggered to fit your time zone, there is no reason not to go for it!

Now, there are a lot more details to using the tournament system you might want to take a look at.  They can be found here.