Next Week Will Be a 5 of 7
Written by Logress   
Thursday, 13 May 2010 03:25

I know what you're thinking, 5 of 7 has been reaching in the past with some obscure holidays. Well, no more! Next Week will be a 5 of 7 in honor of World Turtle Day! 

Did I mention this was Lupos' idea?  And that he has pet turtles?  And, just in case you don't believe World Turtle day exists... here's the wiki. Wow, that's a pretty small Wiki.  Throw Red Beans At Oni day was like 50 times as long.  Unlike Oni day, where we had the problem of just one Oni, we have TWO turtles... or one turtle and one guy named after a constellation that kind of looks like a turtle... actually, a snake-necked turtle which is probably just an ancient guess on what plesiosaur skeletons were.  And speaking of plesiosaurs I could always try to sneak this guy into this contest, but I don't actually hate myself quite that much.

Grand Prize: Three Copies of  Black Tortoise - North / Ladol

Nine (yes, 9) Runner's Up: One Copy of Black Tortoise - North / Ladol

Participation Prize: 1 copy of  Giant Ancient Tortoise and 4 Point Cards

As always, winners are picked from the pool of qualifying Iczers. Any Iczer who plays (meaning a duel in a Crest or Folrart arena that goes for 10 turns or more) on 5 different days during next week (Monday 17th through Sunday the 23rd) will qualify. ALL qualifying Iczers get the participation prize.