School Spirits Contest Starts 9/28/09
Written by Logress   
Friday, 25 September 2009 20:42

We know everyone's gone back to school and sometimes it's a little hard to make time for fun, so here's a little motivation: our School Spirits Contest, Great Spirits that is!  Here's the deal, from Monday the 28th to Monday the 4th, play at least 5 of those 7 days to show your spirit and earn four Great Spirits!

Playing will constitute at least one game that goes 10 or more turns, win or lose.  The prize will be one Will o' the Wisp, one Shade, one Salamander and one Sylph.  They will all be the Beginner's version, so that means no recycle value, but you'll also get 3 Point Cards (which gives the paying players something to look forward to).

This prize is a must have for any beginning or free player!  Great Spirits are strong level 1's that are easily splash-able into any sphere. You don't want to miss it!