The greatest kingdom in Lavato will give rise to its most destructive catastrophe!

Throughout the War of the Sun and Moon, Crest, Folrart and even Heierrat have undergone countless crises, moments when it seemed that all would be lost. Throughout it all, one kingdom has remained untouchable, a powerful bulwark of civilization in a merciless age. However, all that is about to change.

The Wizard Kingdom of Regus has suffered an unimaginable betrayal, one of the Six Paladins of Regus who protect the kingdom has turned on his country! Durendal, a paladin older even then the witch Mirelia, has perfected the magical art of immortality, and with this gift he challenged the other five guardians! Driven to madness by his long life, Durendal grew bored with the perfect stability of Regus, and joined forces with a strategist from the abyss, Galderia, to unleash pure evil upon the world!

When the last fortress of peace in Lavato is blasted asunder, what will become of the world? In Folrart, Verlaat can no longer keep his younger sister, Solar Princess Aliria away from the fighting. She arrives, determined to bless the troops in battle. Eskatia's most honorable and loyal lieutenant, Guard Captain Afeemina, takes control of the troops personally to assail the enemy lines. And in the forgotten kingdom of Beltorat, as old as the Red Dragons that fill its skies, the indomitable king Dragoneye Ainhazard decides his country can stay out of the fighting no longer! Without Regus, the war is about to reach a new level of chaos!

  • Set 7 Packs and Set 7 Boxes will be available in the Shop, at the same price as Set 1-6 Packs and Boxes.
  • Set 7 Cards will be immediately available in the Card Lottery.
  • Set 7 Cards will be immediately available in Treasure Battles.
  • A new level of immortal cards and power immunity mean you have to be ready for anything!
  • New ways to play in every sphere! Mid Refess shines with new ways to generate SP, Lawtia tears apart the field with powerful openings, Gowen amps up the versatility with a merc for every occasion, and Falkow goes cross-sphere with Lawtia and Refess!
  • Secondary groups like Pixies and Crest are now full-fledged playable File types with their own play styles.
  • New level 2 sacrifice cards let you build to higher levels with units instead of Grims.
  • Art by all the Alteil regulars, plus a new face, character designer and illustrator Shunya Yamashita (Final Fantasy X and XII, Depth Fantasia, Phantom Kingdom, Valkyrie Profile 2.)

Card 1

Battle-Worn Lady Paladin

Beneficent Priestess

Card 2
Card 1


Servant of Chaos / Gangadore

Card 2
Card 1

Heierrat Warchief / Delrare

Pixy Healer

Card 2
Card 1

Prototype Form / Noze

Strike Wyvern

Card 2