One of the greatest heroines on the surface of Lavato, Cassandra, fights against the evil Galdirea with her dual magic swords: Arken the holy sword and Difora the Soulblade.

But fifteen years ago she was just a little girl, raised by her sister Rosa until a fateful encounter with the evil Ork King Grebados. On the run, she was saved by the most legendary mercenary of the age, Black Dragonfly Francis. So begins her story, and the story of her legendary swords.

Card 1

Angel Knight / Silverion

Beneficent Priestess

Light Magic Archer

Folrart Hammer Soldier

Girl Combat Priest

Card 2
Card 1

Black Dragonfly / Francis

Cursed Armor Knight


Lycan Nue

Crest Spy

Card 2
Card 1

Ork King / Grebados

Giant Ork

Mage Pixy

Heierrat Spy

Smart Ork

Card 2
Card 1

Hunter / Rosa

Wizard Archer of Regus

Lightning Wyvern


Sky Staff Sorceress

Card 2