Set 5: The Aftermath

The battle for the Holy Realm reaches a new level with the arrival of smarter command model Magic Dolls, who cut through the enemy forces. Then the full force of the Shrine Knights arrive, rallying to the cause of Folrart. Caught in between, Rivera and Athira release their true power! Will anything remain when the smoke clears?

  • 60 new cards! 15 in each Sphere of influence, including new Characters, Units and Grimoires!
  • Set 5 Packs and Set 5 Boxes will be available in the Shop, at the same price as Set 1, 2, 3 and 4 Packs and Boxes.
  • Set 5 Cards will be immediately available in the Card Lottery.
  • Set 5 Cards will be immediately available in Treasure Battles.
  • Enough cards to play all new decktypes with only set 5 cards! Help each other out with Shrine Knights, exploit your troops with Magic Doll Command Units, control the field with Ice magic and live forever with the Undead!
  • New Status abilities let you break the rules, with skill effects that were not possible in earlier sets!
  • Bestow Traits on your allies, gain extra Skills when Counters are triggered, and enjoy immunity to Grimores and Soul Skills!
  • Classic play styles get new options, with more ways to change Battletime, get bonuses for Grimoires used, and more options for Solar Kingdom, Mermaids and Crest.
  • Art by Rei (Code Geass Manga), Masaki Hirooka (Culdcept Saga, Sonic and the Secret Rings), Kazuno Yuikawa (Aquarian Age, Ragnarok Online), and many more!

Card 1

Holy Knight / Sergis

Zero Shrine Knight

Card 2
Card 1

Vile Swordsman / Afel

Magic Doll / White Lilly

Card 2
Card 1

Beast King / Rivera

Volcano Wyvern

Card 2
Card 1

Mermaid Princess / Emana

Magic Greatsword Soldier

Card 2