Galdirea’s plan unfolds as the Wizard Kingdom burns. Esira and Astaforse face off in a duel when their little sister, the ultimate Magic Doll Noze, attacks them both to test her new powers… awakening Esiria’s true nature!

Dilate and Ibert fight side by side as armies from the Mercenary Nation and Beltorat arrive to help the refugees escape. But Cassandra challenged Galdirea alone and is dire straits when the schemer reveals his true shape!

Seeing this, and worried about the disappearance of Princess Emana, Vonderam transforms the Mermaids into human form. Now they can storm the land, and unleash their ancient magic on the human armies.

Meanwhile, the armies of Crest are besieged by the lady Lich Yudit and her undead creations, horrific creatures that have never seen the light of day. But in the depths of the crevasse between the undead lands and the Duchy, Princess Eskatia finds Verlaat, alive!

What happens next? Step into the Arenas on Friday and find out!

  • 60 all new cards, with units, characters and Grimoires wielding all new powers and abilities!
  • Unleash the power of multi-sphere! As the Wizard Kingdom lies in ruins, the borders between nations begin to blur, revealing new powers and combos between the Spheres!
  • Set 9 will be available on Friday the 29th in the Card Lotto, Treasure Battles, Level ups, the Point Card Redeemer, and in the Card Shop in the form of Packs, Boxes and limited time Gold Boxes.
  • Multi-sphere cards form a solid foundation for Files with two or more colors!
  • Dynamic new tribal cards change the way you play Undead, Shrine Knights, Magic Dolls and much more.
  • A whole new level of Grimoire count based spells and units, along with more Focus Skills, Counter Skills, and Close Skills!
  • A variety of new Sphere Level manipulation cards lets you play with or without Proxies… or take down rivals who do!
  • Refess can generate other Sphere levels at will, Lawtia can cannibalize them, and Gowen units get extra powers when you have them.

Card 1

The Impregnable / Rubens

Knight of the 4th Shrine

Card 2
Card 1

Death Dragon Knight / Langbart

Crest Lady Paladin

Card 2
Card 1

Staff Master / Mureria

Mage Swordswoman Mercenary

Card 2
Card 1

Mermaid Sword Captain / Shufas

Giant Sea Hunter

Card 2