Of all the armies of the Solar Kingdom, it was Lapierre and her Shrine Knights alone who stood against the assault from the Duchy of Crest. Volfied used the last of his strength to deliver Rivera to the battlefield, but then he fell. Answering Lapierre's call for help, Yuni arrived with the best of her mercenary army, but then the air turned cold. The legendary evil Zugateroza appeared between the armies, to call in a favor from the Solar Kingdom's royal sword instructor, Riza. When all hope seemed lost, Realm Guardian Mayleen used her key to unlock the true power of Lapierre's holy sword, Lantylit, just in time for her final charge!

All battles make heroes. Some make legends.

Lapierre. Yuni. Zugateroza. Volfied.

Card 1

1x Holy Knight / Lapierre

1x EX: 2nd Shrine Leader / Shathia

Folrart Charge Knight

Elite Folrart Acolyte

Sunlight Knight

Card 2
Card 1

1x Undead King / Zugateroza

1x EX: Nightwalker / Riza

Castle Wight

Crest Devil Knight

Skeleton Warrior

Card 2
Card 1

1x Gun Princess / Yuni

1x EX: Shield Coat / Fierte

Volcano Giant

Heierrat Broadsword Soldier

Boomerang Fighter

Card 2
Card 1

1x Dead Wing / Volfied

1x EX: Forest Sorceress / Antilla

Ice Sorceress

Magic Greatsword Soldier

Enormous Frog

Card 2