From the four corners of Lavato, new champions arrive!

A magic horn is played from the parapets of Castle Folrart, sounding a message across the land.

Card 1
Refess Sphere

Champions of Divine Retribution

1x Boy Inquisitor / Cudgel

1x The Angel's Trumpet

1x Coatl*

1x Legendary Unicorn*

Card 2
Card 1
Lawtia Sphere

Champions of Intrigue

1x Holy Mother of Blood / Velvet

1x Virtuoso / Rutina

1x Magic Doll - Melee*

1x Black Hound*

Card 2
Card 1
Gowen Sphere

Champions of Gaia

1x Roar of Courage / Brave

1x The Dark Eye / Wabell

1x Salamander Soldier*

1x Highland-Born Hunter*

Card 2
Card 1
Falkow Sphere

Champions of Enchantment

1x Flash Paladin / Ibert

1x Magic Dancer / Chiruru

1x Sylph Sorceress*

1x Roc*

Card 2

*Comes free in pack