Even the most meek of creatures will become hardened by battle.  Legends speak of a Carbuncle who is a survivor from a great battle of dragons, his scars serving as a record to all the battles he has fought.

On the front lines of the war of the Sun and Moon, a young girl tears through the enemy with great determination. The supreme commander of the armed forces sees her, and promotes her on the spot.  Her Scythes are named Fear and Despair, but her heart fights with a purpose: to protect her princess, Eskatia.

On the edge of civilization, a noble knight wanders.  His wife and child have been murdered, and he is powerless.  But then he is contacted by an unspeakable evil from a world beyond Lavato.  For his soul, he is given unlimited destructive power, and the name of that power… is hatred.

All is lost in the fog of war.  The master class Wizardress who commands the powers of flight and teleportation uses confusion as her ultimate weapon in battle.  However, it might be that she is the one who is most confused.

Card 1

Faces of Determination

1x Red General / Ruby Eater

1x EX: Right Hand Shield / Garfath

1x Emerald Carbuncle*

1x P. of Holy Weapon*

1x F. Spiked Shield Knight*

Card 2
Card 1

Faces of Determination

1x Black Valkyrie / Igina

1x EX: Dance Macabre / Lelein

1x Crest Paladin*

1x Lycanthrope [Fenrir]*

1x Novice Assassin*

Card 2
Card 1

Faces of Hatred

1x Burning Hatred / Dullin

1x EX: The Magician / Primrose

1x Earth Dragon*

1x Dryad Soldier*

1x Blitz Soldier*

Card 2
Card 1

Faces of Confusion

1x Flight Master / Fomuna

1x EX: Evangelical Hymn / Gospel

1x Sea Wyvern*

1x Spell Lancer*

1x Wizard Archer of Regus*

Card 2

*Comes free in pack