Set 4: Beasts on Sacred Ground

From the cauldron of war boils new forces! Holy Beasts walk the lands, new monsters emerge from the shadows, the forgotten magic of the Mermaid Kingdom is reborn and and even the forests are on the move!

  • 60 new cards! 15 in each Sphere of influence, including new Characters, Units and Grimoires!
  • Set 4 Packs and Set 4 Boxes will be available in the Shop, at the same price as Set 1, 2 and 3 Packs and Boxes.
  • Set 4 Cards will be immediately available in the Card Lottery.
  • Set 4 Cards will be immediately available in Treasure Battles.
  • Ensure victory from a whole new angle by attacking your rival's Card File directly!
  • Advanced cemetery manipulation ensures that your favorite units are never gone for good... or they can help you from beyond the grave!
  • New Skills let you pit one against many, or just attack LP directly... your rival's, or your own.
  • Watch where you stand! New terrain effects will have you Moving just to stay alive.
  • All new Monsters, Martial Artists and Warriors in every Sphere!
  • Art by Rei (Code Geass Manga), Masaki Hirooka (Culdcept Saga, Sonic and the Secret Rings), Kazuno Yuikawa (Aquarian Age, Ragnarok Online), and many more!

Card 1

Fallen Moon Child - Miffyre

Inquisition Nun - Cynthia

Card 2
Card 1

Beast Soldier - Belus

Magic Doll - Fencer

Card 2
Card 1

Brave Mercanery - Dilate

Soldier of Gaia

Card 2
Card 1

Mage Libarian - Bernet

Mermaid Aquamancer

Card 2