Set 6: A Prelude to Battle

As all the nations of the world clash in the capital of Folrart, Annarose's partner Galdirea unleashes his ultimate plan. His plague corrupts the sea kingdoms, unleashing the demonic Carrier Mermaids on the world. Sumer, the original creator of the Magic Dolls, appears with a new army as Zugateroza's undead rise again and again. It looks like Folrart is doomed, until the Captain of the Zero Shrine Knights arrives, and then the last Dragon Emperor finally reveals his real form: True Holy Emperor Retear!

  • Set 6 Packs and Set 6 Boxes will be available in the Shop, at the same price as Set 1-5 Packs and Boxes. 
  • Set 6 Cards will be immediately available in the Card Lottery.
  • Set 6 Cards will be immediately available in Treasure Battles.
  • Major players Galdirea, Sumer, True Retear and Cassandra finally have their own cards!
  • New ways to play with advanced Iczer attacking, card removal, and the biggest damage yet!
  • Secondary groups like Priests and Monsters are now full-fledged playable File types with their own play styles.
  • Carrier Mermaids power up by eating the dead Mermaids in your cemetery and overrunning the field!
  • Art by Rei (Code Geass Manga), Masaki Hirooka (Culdcept Saga, Sonic and the Secret Rings), Kazuno Yuikawa (Aquarian Age, Ragnarok Online), and many more!

Card 1

Unknown Knight / Aano

Folrart Lady Paladin

Card 2
Card 1

Doll Master / Sumer


Card 2
Card 1

Hunter / Cassandra

Giant Gorilla

Card 2
Card 1

Carrier [Singer of Love] 

Black Tortoise - North / Ladol

Card 2