10: The Angels: Four Sisters Who Serve the Four Gods

Despite our shining civilizations, Lavato is still a world of mysteries.

The greatest mysteries of all undeniably revolve around the matter of "Alteil." I am penning this history to give the strategists of Alteil, the Iczers, a chance to better comprehend these mysteries. In this chapter I will discuss the four angels of each sphere.

Batora was defeated by the gods and heroes of old; forced to return to its own world. However, the gods of Lavato had exhausted their power. In order to prepare for the time Batora when would reappear, they decided to return from whence they came. They left behind the four most powerful of their number behind in a deep sleep to watch over Lavato. In addition, they created a Divine Child who could influence the world in their stead. The Divine Child's first thought was to create beings able to travel the world, bringing the words of the gods to all people. And so, the Divine Child decided to summon the four gods from their slumber and speak with them.

Ah, it's been some time since I've been able to write! This is Crow Ohbell, assistant to Lazard Bauses. I know my introduction was a story about the birth of Karite, the Divine Child. However, my topic this time is really the Emissaries. In this story, Karite brings forth four sisters who are Angels, or Emissaries. But maybe you already knew that much?

Eldest daughter, "Angel of the Sorrowful Night and Souls" Noirweiden
Second daughter, "Angel of Birth and the Guiding Light of the Sun" Weissvogel
Third daughter, "Angel of Gaia and the Zealous Flame" Rougeerst
Fourth daughter, "Angel of the Enveloping Sky and the Sea of Life" Bulerigid

They each serve one of the four gods that grant power to Alteil. Noirweiden serves Lawtia. Weissvogel serves Refess. Rougeerst serves Gowen. Bulerigid serves Falkow. For whatever reason, each of them sports an image akin to the god they serve. This brings us to the topic of Karite's first task, the creation of the Emissaries.

Eldest daughter • Noirweiden

The four gods all gathered together, and lent Karite their ears.

"Oh four gods, thank you for appearing to me here.
Now, there is but one reason why I requested your presence.
Let us create servants, who will act as your hands and your feet.
Your servants, who will rightfully convey the intent of you, the Four Gods, to the people of Lavato."

So said Karite. Then Lawtia, who had appeared uninterested as she listened, spoke up first.
"Karite, child of the gods. Create servants, you say?
Then I request a servant with the same appearance as mine.
A warden of souls, with black wings. Also, a governess of death."
"I hear you. So, Lawtia. Your desire is an Emissary with the same appearance as yours?"
"Indeed, Divine Child."

Sun and Birth / WeissvogelTherefore the firstborn was, naturally, the eldest daughter, Noirweiden. She's said to be an Angel with long hair and a long lance, appearing at night and calling out to souls. Legends also say she appears before those attempting suicide, addressing the importance of life and preventing them from killing themselves. As she was the first to be born, her power is very strong. The stories say she's been endowed with the power of immortality, never to die. In this tale, she was made in the very image of the goddess Lawtia, but here's a little thing to note about Noirweiden. She actually has multiple forms, and none of them are fixed. Did you know that? Her most famous form, and the one the people of Lavato know well, is the beautiful long-haired woman. But she also appears in various legends as the "golden-haired boy", the "winged wolf", and the "eyeless old woman". Which form of hers is real? I can't really say I know, but maybe there's some reason why she has to hide her true form.

Second daughter • Weissvogel

Karite made the first Emissary in the guise of Lawtia. "Your name is Noirweiden. You were created to be the Emissary of the goddess Lawtia. Henceforth, please work with Lawtia and your unborn sisters, and righteously lead the people of Lavato."

Noirweiden listened to Karite's words, and slowly bowed her head. "I understand, Divine Child Karite. My mistress is Lawtia, the goddess who governs the nights and souls of Lavato." She said this, and moved towards Lawtia. As Noirweiden drew near, Lawtia withdrew from the assembly. Lawtia disappeared, and Noirweiden remained there, kneeling. Then, Refess spoke to Karite.

"Karite, our beloved child. Will you also make an Emissary for me?" "Of course, mother Refess." "The power of shining light, then. I choose as Emissary, a young lady noble and pure, who reveres the power of the sun I govern." "I hear you, Refess. I will create the Emissary you desire." "Do so, if you would."

Moon and Soul / NoirweidenAnd so, it was Refess who desired an Emissary second, and thus was born the second daughter, Weissvogel.

She was given the power of purity, and it's said that if you lay your eyes upon her, the ugliness in your mind will be washed away. Her task is to use that ability to increase the number of Refess' adherents.

You know, I feel like it's cheating to use divine manipulation to increase your followers, but maybe that's just me? Also, there are lots of stories where she appears as a divine Angel destroying demons, so it looks like Refess keeps Weissvogel plenty busy.

Incidentally, the sword and shield she holds are the holy sword and shield used by White King Eyguina, who appears in the famous Lavato tale, "The Epic of Fordine". As for which Emissary shows up the most in stories, it's probably Weissvogel here. Although depending on the story, she's sometimes portrayed as a stern, villainous character.

Third daughter • Rougeerst

And thus, the second Emissary was born.
"Maiden, you are the embodiment of a pure and noble soul. Your name is Weissvogel.
Be the hands and feet of your mother goddess Refess, and guide the people."
Weissvogel hoisted her sword in her hand and spoke...
"I swear that I will guard my mistress Refess for all eternity,
and that I will convey her intent to all the people of Lavato!"
Immediately Refess spoke to Weissvogel, and told her something quietly.
Having heard what was said, Weissvogel bowed her head to the remaining three gods, then disappeared from that place.
"I've given Weissvogel a job to do post-haste. As my business here is also finished, I'll be taking my leave." With that, Refess disappeared as well.

"Those two beat me to the punch... What a mistake I've made."
So said Gowen. Karite heard his voice, and turned toward him to ask…
"Father Gowen. Shall I make an Emissary for you, next?"
Gowen replied to Karite's question with a nod.
"Mhm. I think I will have you create me a servant. She's to have an eye for gathering the mighty,
those with the strength of the earth and nature, and a bow with which to catch them. That's the kind of Emissary I want."
"I hear you, Gowen. The Emissary you desire will be able to perceive power,
and hunt down those who possess it, as a hunter hunts prey?"
"That's right."

Fire and Gaia / RougeerstMy idea of Gowen is that he isn't especially bright. That being said, the Emissary he wanted is the third daughter, Rougeerst. She's usually said to be a cute girl, and seems like the type who talks so much it's annoying.

I suppose it's the duty of Emissaries to convey the words of the god or goddess they serve above all else, but what Gowen wanted was more like a hunter. As a result, it seems that generally she's left to her own resources.

It follows that Rougeerst hasn't received any discipline from anyone, so she's out there completing her master's tasks any way she sees fit. By the way, it's said that Rougeerst's bow has the power to grant wishes. Well, huh. That's why she usually appears in paintings and books with hearts all over her, like she's Cupid or something.

Rougeerst doesn't actually have anything to do with love...but I guess that won't really matter to the younger crowd.

Fourth daughter • Bulerigid

In response to Gowen's appeal, the third Emissary was born.
"Incarnation of nature, Emissary of Gowen. Your name is Rougeerst.
You have eyes to see the strength your master wants. You will use them to guide the people."
After the newly born Rougeerst flew all around energetically, she came before Karite and answered…
"Sure! You got it, Lord Karite! I promise I won't let Lord Gowen down!"
Having seen this, Gowen asked Karite…
"This is my servant?"
"Indeed.", answered Karite without exhibiting a shred of doubt.
"Hey, Lord Gowen, hey. What do I do? Maybe go look around on the surface for people you'd like?
Hmmm, yeah, I'm off for the surface!"
Said Rougeerst, and without waiting for an answer from Gowen, she took off for the ground below.
Afterwards, Gowen too disappeared from that place.
Thus, Falkow was the only one of the four left.

"This will be the last of them. Falkow, I will now make the final Emissary."
Falkow, deep in thought, had been watching the situation unfold. She now answered slowly…
"The power to obscure the future, that is what we want. An emissary who changes, worries, and searches for answers, just as people do."
"I hear you. An Emissary who grows, with the same future as the people. That is what you wish?"

Sea and Wind / Bulerigid"After all that, you were only left for last because you kept quiet?" thinks Falkow's Emissary, the fourth daughter Bulerigid. Traditionally she's represented as a small child, one who in a story frets and keeps arriving at the wrong answer, but in the end, discovers the right one. In many cases, she's painted as exactly that kind of human child. Why did Falkow choose this kind of Emissary? It's a complete mystery, and a tough one to solve.

However, some of her powers as an Emissary are dreadful, and legend has it that she once flooded a city where a certain tyrant dwelt. I guess she's scary when she's angry. Maybe because she's very young, or maybe because she takes after her mistress, she doesn't speak very much, and her questions are like riddles. Or so it has been said.

Regarding Emissaries

The final Emissary was born, the one Falkow wanted.
"Young Emissary. As Emissary of Falkow, you will watch over people, and aspire to even greater prosperity.
Your name is Bulerigid."
The final Emissary then turned to Karite and replied…
"I understand. For Mistress Falkow, I will investigate people,
and watch over them so that they might follow a better path."
Then, Falkow addressed Bulerigid…
"Bulerigid my dear, watch people closely, and learn.
Investigate the powers only people have, the ones we gods don't understand."
"I will, Mistress."
"Then, we return now, to our beds."
So said Falkow, and then she disappeared from that place, taking Bulerigid with her.
Karite, maker of the four Emissaries, also faded from view.


Secretary of the Solar Kingdom, Lazard Bauses