11: Dragons

The wizards of Lavato teach that the world can be divided into forces known as the six elements:


Each of these is an integral part of what makes up the world, and it's said that every person place or thing in said world can be divided amongst these six attributes.

The life forms most heavily influenced by those six elements are called the Dragon Kin, the mightiest beings in Lavato.

Holy Dragons
Dragons of the Mercurial Night
Fire Dragons
Earth Dragons
Wind Dragons
Water Dragons

You can see clearly that each dragon type is connected to one of the six elements, but it’s intriguing to note dragons are one of the very few creatures that are so clearly divided.

-- Belford Publishing / Ryecal Illustrated Monster Encyclopedia

There, you see how starting off with a stuffy quote like that gives your essay more legitimacy? To my regular readers, long time no write! Everyone else, I hope you stick around for more. Your author is Crow Ohbell, assistant scribe to the Kingdom of Folrart! This time around I'm writing about Dragons.

The Dragon Kin are said to be closer to being gods than any other life forms in the world of Lavato. They're even said to be stronger than anything else here, too. They look like… well it varies. I guess most of them are similar to lizard-type reptiles. I mean, there are a bunch of different dragons, and some don't look a thing like the others.

Also, the Dragon Kin are what they call colossal. That means they're big. Friggin' huge! Put it this way, they're so big that it's not uncommon to hear reports of a Dragon that’s as big as an entire castle.

Another important thing to keep in mind about Dragon Kin is they're extremely smart. Dragons apparently understand human speech, and they've been known to do things like answer peoples' questions and even their wishes.

Of course, that might be the kind of thing that just comes up in legends. It's rare that a Dragon will speak to people using human speech. What I mean is that even though they could apparently talk to us, I suppose they don't want to talk to anyone they deem unworthy. That's why the Dragons use a language called “Dragonese” to converse.

Amongst scholars like me, there are linguists who can use Dragonese in conversation. Of course, by “like me” I mean “not me.” I’m no good with things that complicated.

So that’s the basics on Dragon Kin, but as was stated at the beginning of this, they're a mysterious set of creatures that can be divvied up according to the six elements. According to research left behind by a witch named Fellana, there’s evidence that even humans can be categorized in this same way.

But then, as you're aware, the influences of the six elements are completely invisible to human eyes.

When you think of it that way, you could say that the ability to observe such differences is another one of the Dragon’s are marvelous powers.

Well, wyverns can also see the influences of the elements, but they're a sub-species of Dragon Kin so maybe that's be to expected. Now, I'll break the six types of Dragon Kin for you.

Holy DragonHoly Dragons

If you see fluffy body hair and no wings, that's the sure sign of a Holy Dragon. They appear in folklore as deities who bring blessings and occasionally as local guardian spirits. Not long ago, they were outright worshipped as divine envoys.

They're not very warlike, and if I had to make a comparison, I’d say they have the personalities of peaceful recluses.

Since the element they personify is light, they are a type of Dragon that seeks guidance and harmony.

Dragon of the Mercurial Night

Dragons of the Mercurial Night

If you’ve ever heard a legend of a bizarre dragon that appears suddenly in the night and inspires widespread panic, that would be a Dragon of the Mercurial Night.

They strike fear into the hearts of people and animals, and each Dragon takes a different eerie form.

In addition, the breath they spew out is highly toxic. It can kill most people in a few moments. This is the kind of creature that's directly associated with fear and death. As the element these dragons personify is darkness, they are associated with negative aspects like chaos and frustration.

Their name is a little weird, but that’s really the impression you get looking at these things.

Fire DragonFire Dragons

Here’s the big one, the most popular. It breathes fire, and it’s a hunter that tracks its prey from above using its enormous wings. This is the Fire Dragon. When you say “Dragon,” this is the image that comes to the minds of the people of Lavato. Why is that the case, you ask? That's because there was once a time when all across the lands Fire Dragons would snatch people away and make a meal of them.

For that reason, the official records of many great heroes describe Dragons appearing, fighting with the hero, and then finally being slain. In almost all cases these records are referring to Fire Dragons.

Flaming breath is a symbol of destruction for most people, and Fire Dragons are destruction incarnate as far as popular beliefs go.

The element they personify is fire. They're the type Dragon that takes the first step in giving rise to something new through destruction and rebirth. Perhaps many heroes got to become heroes by taking their own step forward and overcoming this trial?

Earth DragonEarth Dragons

Huge jaws and quick movements signify an Earth Dragon type, the mightiest tyrant among any creature that ever walked the land. Their fighting strength ranks 1st or 2nd amongst the Dragon Kin, and they're so strong that it’s said there’s never been a living creature who could take one on alone.

They're not very famous as Dragons, though. One possible reason is that their habitat is limited, and they don't exist outside dense jungles at all.

Well, if Dragons like these did live near people, I figure humanity would be extinct at this point. They personify the element of wood, and they express such transformations as growth and explosive power.

Water DragonWater Dragons

These dragons have long, snake-like bodies. Water Dragons are unique in that they can only survive underwater. I just can't deal with these things at all. They really creep me out personally.

Well, I guess I don’t have to worry about seeing them, they only live underwater, and they have even less to do with people than other Dragon Kin.

Mermaids apparently encounter them a lot, and treat them like escorts sometimes. These Dragons display the water’s elemental qualities of transition and serenity, but I think it’s strange to have a Dragon that can’t leave the water at all.

Wind Dragons

The Dragon Kin associated with the element of wind is associated with wandering and adventure. This is the Wind Dragon type.

As their nature suggests, Wind Dragons don't remain in any one place, but instead keep moving around. They are also known to be able to fly above the clouds indefinitely, which explains why they are almost never seen. What do they look like, and what powers do they have?

Even the basic facts are unknown, and many mysteries surround them. However, there are surviving records that indicate Wind Dragons once had frequent dealings with people. This makes me think this type of Dragon actually has a sociable personality. So why are they never seen? I can’t help but think that something happened in the past that led to the extinction of the Wind Dragons.

So then, those are the six types as they correspond to the six elements. In addition to these six types of Dragon Kin, there're also various sub-species, ancient types, and some more unusual variations as well.

There's even some so overwhelming, it's said they were made by the gods personally. These are Lavato's guardian deities, the Dragon Emperors. Flame Emperor Allind, who destroyed the great empire of Gabilab in a single night; Dark Emperor Zu-jyuva, who was the reason why the infinitely formless, wicked warlock Beslaford destroyed himself; Water Emperor Legrye, who appears in mermaid lore as a monarch of the seas who washes the world of dry land away; and Holy Emperor Retear, emperor among Dragon Emperors, who took part in the conflict against the Envoy of Chaos. These four have their roots in legend, and I was just thinking, wouldn't it be cool to talk about them some? Of course, I don’t think master would approve!

--Knowledge Emperor, Crow Ohbel