06: Mercenary Nation Heierrat

Despite our shining civilizations, Lavato is still a world of mysteries.

The greatest mysteries of all undeniably revolve around the matter of “Alteil”. I am penning this history to give the strategists of Alteil, the Iczers, a chance to better comprehend these mysteries. In this, my latest essay, I will be discussing the country founded by Gun Princess Yuni and her companions: Mercenary Nation Heierrat.

The History of Mercenary Nation Heierrat

Previously, in my essay on the Gun Princess, I explained that Mercenary Nation Heierrat was a country made up of bounty hunters, villagers and ex-soldiers who had gathered around Yuni.

But how did a disorganized group like this end up founding a nation? That is the matter I'm prepared to discuss today.

First of all, what made Yuni think of establishing Heierrat and why?

YuniTo make the situation understandable, I need to first explain the kind of people who gathered around Yuni, and what their feelings were.

As the stories say, Yuni had a friendly disposition, and even treated strangers as if they were close companions. She also had a habit of getting involved in other people's affairs, especially if they were in any kind of trouble. If it wasn't for her good nature, she most likely would have been considered quite a meddler.

She ended up getting herself involved in situations where most others would rather just look the other way. As a result, she ended up confronting difficult problems and helping people with their troubles. Her reputation to grew and grew, until her name was known by everyone in the wastelands. Since Yuni could not ignore anyone who was in trouble, she often gave away the money from her bounties. Usually this was to orphans, who where in the same situation she was once in. This particular story became very famous, and so Yuni was known for her kindness above all else.

From an outsider's perspective, it might seem like the mercenaries and poor people who gathered around Yuni were just looking for money. However, there was a strong bond formed between these people and Yuni. Each and every one she saved would do anything to save her in return, or at least help her in any way they could.

The legends are always certain to recount the building of Castle Heierrat on land given without compensation to Yuni by a kindly old man. However, a large amount of the funding that made the country's founding possible was actually generated by a shrewd financier, Rosso Rinbus.

With all of this support and her companions united by the idea of finding a place for all the orphans of the Wasteland to live, Yuni's path was clear. Yuni decided to build, in her words, "a place where those without homes could live in peace." We also have records of her reciting on many occasions, a certain passage by the man she considered a father, Ben MacLachlan:

To make a difference, mercenaries cannot just be like the destructive winds of a storm, even to blow away evil. They must be like the spring breezes that carry seeds to grow, seeds of happiness for the people.

Yuni and her companions put all their heart into shaping Heierrat, with the goal of making these words true. Finally, after her group of mercenaries had grown and grown, they officially announced the name of their country as Mercenary Nation Heierrat.

Because of Yuni's uncanny ability to make connections, gain followers and earn the help of talented people, a number of rumors began circulating. Some suspected she was using mind controlling enchantments, or even that she was an otherworldly creature.

Unfortunately, history has left me with no hard evidence to disprove these rumors completely. Considering the documents we do have, myself and other historians are at least certain that she established Heierrat for her comrades and followers, and not for any duplicitous purpose.

In my opinion, that is enough to consider the one named Yuni a hero and a force for good in our history.


Is it a Mercenary Nation or a Mercenary Kingdom?

Because of the nature of mercenaries, it is often forgotten that their nation of Heierrat was established as a monarchy. Because of that, it's technically a Kingdom and should be ruled by a monarch or King. Of course, history tells us that Gun Princess Yuni established the nation, and she was never called a King or Queen.


So why is Heierrat a Kingdom?

FierteFor much of history, this was a mystery. Only recently, researches have uncovered the documents establishing Heierrat as Kingdom in the name of a King.

The existence of the first king of Heierrat had never been discussed outside Yuni's close circle of companions, as far as we know. The king that Heierrat was established under was non other than Ben MacLachlan, Yuni's gun master and Fierte's foster father.


But how could Ben MacLachlan be the king of Heierrat?

The only explanation is that this was done to reflect the feelings of Yuni and the entire nation, for they wished that Ben could be their king.

Unfortunately, that would be a wish that could never come true, as earlier Ben was killed in a fight with a wanted criminal.

As a nation, Heierrat would never have an opportunity to show their feelings to Ben, but the country itself was made by Yuni and the others to bring Ben's feelings to all people.

It is generally agreed that to honor his name, they established Heierrat as a Kingdom, and established Ben as the king for all time. As for Yuni, she titled herself Princess because she always considered herself to be Ben's daughter.

However, as a community, historians have some doubt about things being so simple. Our research is still ongoing about this matter.

For example, what if Ben MacLachlan didn't really die back then? This is a personal theory of mine, and an entirely new path of inquiry anyone has yet to pursue. Well, it is my theory, so I suppose it would be up to me.


The Mercenary Nation’s Forces

Now Yuni had many supporters and powerful allies, but on the very same year that Heierrat was established, the War of the Sun and Moon broke out.

At that time, many nearby and neighboring countries were worried about this coincidence in timing. After all, a country made up entirely of mercenaries and ex-soldiers would be able to create the perfect army for invasion purposes.

While it was true that Heierrat's army was smaller compared to the active troops maintained by their neighboring countries, almost all of their soldiers were heavily experienced in combat, and a large number of the citizenry were of mercenary origin and could take up swords at a moment's notice.

From the perspective of other kingdoms, it's easy to see why Heierrat's army was considered a threat.

To ensure that her country would not be labeled a threat, Yuni herself served as an envoy and visited each nearby kingdom to convince them that her army was only for protection from attacking forces. She vowed Heierrat would never use its army for the purposes of an invasion.

She insisted that their army would not disband, however, in light of the fact that Heierrat could be attacked at any time.

Yuni was eventually able to convince her neighbors with the help of several allies, especially from the Solar Kingdom. It was the Solar Kingdom that entered into a treaty with Heierrat first, and the other neighboring countries soon followed.

What makes this treaty so important was that as part of it, Yuni promised that the Mercenary Nation would live up to its name, and she would hire out her army to any country in danger of invasion.

This treaty was invoked for the first time when the Solar Kingdom of Folrart needed help from the Mercenary Nation during the Battle for the Holy Realm.

Heierrat's military was immediately mobilized whenever it needed to protect weaker countries and the peace of all Lavato.

However, according to our records the Heierrat army refused to help one kingdom invade another, even if asked by one of their allies. They only marched into battle to protect.

In fact, just after the Battle for the Holy Realm the Solar Kingdom launched a counterattack against the Duchy of Crest. They asked for support from the Mercenary Nation, but Yuni refused and her country remained neutral.

In this way, with the birth of the Mercenary Nation each kingdom gained access to increased military power. At the same time, they also felt threatened by Heierrat's influence.

Because of Heierrat's role and way of thinking, the Emperor of the Silver Sun, Verlaat, knew he couldn't create his empire without first putting the Mercenary Nation under his control. That's why he began with an invasion of Heierrat.

As you can see, the Mercenary Nation played an important role in international affairs throughout history, and still does today.

Somehow, it seems that Heierrat has never been manipulated from within by evil forces. I believe this is because 'mercenaries cannot just be like the destructive winds of a storm' and instead they 'must be like the spring breezes that carry seeds to grow.' Even today, these words are taken to heart by the people of the Mercenary Nation.

To continue this series of lectures, I will be passing the pen over to one of my assistants, Crow Ohbel. He's been researching magical constructs, and he'll be discussing the so-called 'Magic Dolls.'

I encourage you to give his work your attention, just as you would mine.

The next installment of the Lavato Biographies will cover Magic Dolls.


Secretary of the Solar Kingdom, Lazard Bauses.