01: The Solar Kingdom of Folrart

Despite our shining civilizations, Lavato is still a world of mysteries.

The greatest mysteries of all undeniably revolve around the matter of "Alteil." I am penning this history to give the strategists of Alteil, the Iczers, a chance to better comprehend these mysteries.
In this set of Biographies, I would like to discuss a person who holds a very important position in Lavato's history, Solar Prince Verlaat.

Solar Prince Verlaat

We talked about Verlaat's role in our previous section on the Solar Kingdom, but now let's review his personal history.
Solar Prince Verlaat was the second child of King Aldoric and Emia. He had an older half-brother named Alphonce, who was born of a different mother.

Solar Prince / VerlaatThe Solar Kingdom practices primogeniture, so normally the firstborn would be heir to the throne. However, Verlaat's case was an exception. The Pope of the Church of the True God, the most influential voice in all of Folrart, sent an unprecedented message demanding that Verlaat be granted the throne, as "the inheritor of the Sun's will."

After much debate, the secular voices could not overturn the Pope's decree, and Verlaat was named as the heir to the throne.

As for Alphonce, he was educated and trained to be his younger brother's double for security purposes, a position considered by many to be gravely insulting.

Alphonce was loved by the people and officials of the day wrote of his promise and his ability to be a good and wise king. It is said that when he was told about this decision, he offered no opposition at all and just accepted it.

After this, the pair of fated brothers grew up, never quarreling with each other. It is said that they gained great skill, experience, and strong hearts.

But during the very year that Verlaat turned 18 years old, a tragic incident changed their lives and the history of Lavato forever.


A Father's Death, a Brother's Disappearance

It was the year that Verlaat turned 18 years of age.

King Aldoric, who was known to both his own subjects and to those of neighboring countries as "the People's King," died a mysterious death in his bedroom.

Any information about his cause of death has been swallowed up by darkness. Absolutely nothing has survived.

But directly afterwards, Alphonce vanishes.Alphonse

Because of this, many historical records surmise this event might have been a murder perpetrated by Alphonce.

At the time, no one raised any formal objections to this theory. However, in recent years several historians have begun researching alternate theories, maintaining that it's possible that Alphonce did not murder his father, but instead he left the Solar kingdom for some other reason.

The reason why these theories have taken root is because several documents surfaced that were previously unknown in the Solar Kingdom. These documents discuss the matter of the "Fallen Sun," and the identity of the one who finally defeated the Emperor of the Silver Sun, Verlaat, ending his rampage. This was none other than Exart the Hero, the son of Alphonce.

According to several records and accounts, Alphonce was a strict but kind father who taught Exart to fight for the people.

In return, Exart looked up to his father and held great respect for him. Many times he said that if not for his father, he would not be the man he was.

It is also said that Exart wielded two Star Blades when he fought against Verlaat.

Recently surfacing theories speculate these two blades were Claevolg and Progura.

Concerning this matter, we will research further during our section on Alphonce.

Beginning of the War of the Sun and Moon and the relationship with the Ruler of Crest, Eskatia.

Shortly after Verlaat took the throne, he was faced with the War of the Sun and Moon, which is thought to be either the first or second largest of all the Great Wars.

The War of the Sun and Moon began when soldiers from the Duchy of Crest invaded the territory of the neighboring Kingdom of Baltemet.

On this questionable movement of troops, the Duchy of Crest issued an official decree, stating they had been receiving reports that a dangerous criminal had escaped from their country and crossed over into Baltemet controlled territory. They also maintained that they had been in contact with the Baltemet ambassador before advancing.

It is now clear that in truth this was a hoax by Annarose, a disciple of Messenger of Chaos Elgandi.

This event triggered a series of disputes between the two territories, a situation that escalates drastically with the involvement of Baltemet's ally, the Solar Kingdom of Folrart.

Ruler of Crest / Eskatia

During this battle, a single pair of legendary heroes was born.

These two individuals, one man and one woman, are the ones who brought peace to the Solar Kingdom and to the Duchy of Crest by defeating the Messenger of Chaos, Elgandi.

They were Solar Prince Verlaat and the Ruler of Crest, Eskatia.

At the conclusion of the War of the Sun and Moon, the two of them are immediately married.

At the very end, however, the couple met each other on the battlefield as enemies. Eskatia, who at the time was called the Moon Princess, led the Duchy of Crest to war against the Emperor of the Silver Sun, Verlaat.

Historians have many unanswered questions left regarding how the pair fell in love originally during the War of the Sun and Moon.

Many theories have circulated over the years. For example, that they had been deeply in love even before the first war, or that their relationship was fraudulent, a hoax by Eskatia as she arranged their eventual confrontation during the War of Emperor of the Silver Sun.

Out of all these theories, the one with the most evidence is the possibility that Verlaat was captured and held as a prisoner during the War of the Sun and Moon.

During that time, it's possible that a relationship developed between the two.

In the pages of history, the two names always found alongside Verlaat are Alphonce and Eskatia.

Let's move on from Verlaat for now. In our next section, I will begin a discussion of the Ruler of Crest, Eskatia.

It's difficult to see that she is a woman when looking at her image in full armor, but by talking about this duchess and her surroundings, we will get another perspective on the War of the Sun and Moon. Also, we will be able to go further into what happened between Verlaat and Eskatia.


Secretary of the Solar Kingdom, Lazard Bauses
The next chapter of the Lavato Biographies will cover Ruler of Crest Eskatia.