Arakis' Quest - the AGI 3 Quest Rarity Quest Results
Written by Arakis   
Monday, 02 November 2009 16:26

You might think that restricting yourself to only using cards with an AGI of 3 (and grimoires) would limit a file. It turns out, though, that AGI 3, perhaps because it's the middle of the road for agility, includes no small number of the best cards in the game. Read on to see how our players picked up on this and capitalized as they crafted their contest entries.


Overall, this Quest saw more effective files than the initial Quest did. That probably stands to reason though, as rarity was not a limiting factor this time. Once again, Refess and Gowen seemed to fare the best overall, but Lawtia showed a decent amount of presence as well. Perhaps Falkow needs too much in the way of speed (and slow support) to play the average AGI angle, but no matter. This contest isn't supposed to be about spheres, after all.

Our winner this time was an Iczer who placed well last Quest but just missed getting the top spot. While the rest of our runners-up are Quest newcomers, only one managed to hold its own in the final testing. That file was created by...

Iczer: mghost
File Name: Sergis' Dance

Soul Cards

  1. Mage Paladin / Distrier
  2. Gaia Gem Monk
  3. Rapidly Flying Apprentice
  4. Knight of the 2nd Shrine
  5. Forest Sorceress / Anttila

Play Cards
  • 3 Holy Realm Knight / Sergis
  • 3 Volcano Wyvern
  • 3 Red General / Ruby Eater
  • 3 Ruby Carbuncle
  • 3 Salamander Soldier
  • 2 Kesaran Pasaran
  • 2 Daybreak
  • 2 Recovery Powder
  • 1 Rapid Growth
  • 1 Blessing
  • 1 Ball of Flame
  • 1 Miracle Fruit

  1. KaizerII
  2. seven13
  3. Slash405
  4. Foodmaniac
  5. Godric

Sergis indeed. In final testing, it was Sergis who turned out to be the true strength of this file. But more on that in a bit, as he's not typically an early game unit anyway. When this file first gets going, it looks like one of the "Buncle" files that used to be rather common in Folrart. However, the carbuncles are more just placeholders, there to wear down the opponent some but mostly to stall while you build up SP.

The real fun begins when the carbuncles are nearly exhausted. It takes good timing and sometimes some luck, but Sergis is placed on the field at just the right moment, and then a Miracle Fruit is played on him immediately so that his level will be too high for Return or Disjunction to bounce him off the field. The Miracle Fruit will also probably get an opponent unit up to level 5 or higher. The Gaia Gem Monk soul skill is to trick your opponent into thinking it's a harmless 3LP card, but then it activates, handicapping the AT of an opposing unit, and it triggers Rapidly Flying Apprentice, which lets you return the other pesky unit on which you used Miracle Fruit.

Herein lies the tricky part. Even though Sergis is now level 6, he still only has 40HP and that can be easy to snipe (especially on the front line). This can be the most vulnerable point of the whole strategy, but in short order you'll want Volcano Wyvern and Salamander Soldier in the back row. With a well-timed Daybreak, Wyvern's start skill can smack (but not kill) Sergis, thereby increasing his max HP and healing him for 30. Salamander Soldier's auto-skill serves a similar role. It can pick off an low-HP enemy, or boost Sergis even further. There's also a Blessing in the file, and the Knight of the 2nd Shrine SS. So provided several of these things work, you'll probably end up with a nigh-unkillable Sergis that will allow you to at least ensure a draw.

The big weakness of course is having Sergis killed before his HP grows, or to have him removed from the field somehow despite his high HP. Provided that can be avoided, though, this is a very difficult file to beat. It helps that he's a late game unit, and by then your opponent will hopefully have expended most if not all of such means of removal.

Congratulations to our winners and runners up. I'd like to give special recognition to KaizerII, whose file proved in initial testing to be so sturdy, it only lost 1LP the entire match and the endgame strategy wound up being entirely unnecessary since it won before reaching that point. We haven't fully decided what we're going to do for the next Quest, but chances are it will involve getting back to basics somehow. Be on the lookout for it, in exactly one week.