Arakis' Quest - the Custom Starter Quest 11/9/09 - 11/23/09
Written by Arakis   
Monday, 09 November 2009 20:16

Have you ever thought the starter file you got when you began playing Alteil wasn't quite what it should have been? Maybe you had some ideas on how a better starter could be made? Now's your chance to give it a shot. This Quest is all about creating your own (unmodified) starter. This time the restrictions are going to be pretty heavy on what you can and can't use. Very exacting, even.

The only cards that are completely off limits are 4*, 5*, and EX rarity. You must select one sphere, and only use cards belonging to that sphere. Also, the cards you select must follow this detailed

Soul Cards:

  • four 1LP cards -- two 1* rarity and two 2* rarity -- these can be in any order, but no duplicates, please
  • one 3LP card that's a 1* rarity

Play Cards:
  • two copies of a 3* rarity character
  • three copies of a 1* rarity unit
  • three copies of a 1* rarity unit
  • three copies of a 1* rarity unit
  • three copies of a 2* rarity unit
  • three different grimoires, one copy of each: two of 1* rarity, and one 3* rarity
  • two copies of a level 1 Great Spirit from your sphere
  • two level 1 units that are not Great Spirits (can be two copies of the same unit)
  • two 1* rarity units (can be two copies of the same unit)
  • two 2* rarity units (can be two copies of the same unit)

For the two 1* units and two 2* units at the bottom of the list, they can be the second and third copies of a card you chose as a soul card, if you so wish. For Gowen and Falkow, you're allowed to use a copy each of a Salamander and Dryad, or Sylph and Undine, for your Great Spirits if you wish. You might notice that not all of the current starters fit neatly into the above format, but it's a pretty close generalization.

I realize this means a lot of details to keep track of. Therefore, to make it easier for me to verify that your entry legally follows the above format, please list your cards in the same order as above.

They can be played in any order of course, but it'll save me a lot of time if I don't have to hunt around to figure out what's supposed to be what. However, as the idea here is unmodified starters, be sure that your 3LP soul card comes last as an anchor. Also, make sure that the first four soul cards are different from each other.

Peralisc2 gets the bonus prize for this idea. Get your existing or theoretical entry together and send it my way - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You have until noon EST on Monday 11/23 to submit, and please see the main contest page for more details. Use the submission period wisely, as all these guidelines this time might require quite a bit of thought and creativity.