Forming a guild is easy, just follow these steps! Remember Your Iczer level has to be 3 or higher in order to form a guild.
The Details screen can be used to view information about your guild or any other.

1. Once you have logged in, go to the GUILD tab at the top of your screen and Click on the "Form a new guild" button on the top of the guild list.

2. Enter the name and information of your new guild on the "Form a guild" page.

3. When you click "Yes", you will have completed creating your guild, and the "Finished creating a guild" page will be displayed.

After forming a guild:

Your guild will be registered as an unofficial guild at first. When you meet any of the conditions below, your guild will be registered as an official guild during weekly maintenance.

  • When you have 6 members in your guild
  • When two weeks pass after forming your guild
  • If the monthly and weekly ranking points from all your guild members combined exceed 1000.

Guilds are controlled buy the founder or “Guild Master”. The Guild Master can set officers, add users, a coat of arms , set passwords and control over all guild functions.