Written by The Unknown   
Tuesday, 05 October 2010 21:46
...such evil things are lurking around.
Arakis' Quest: the Slowpoke Quest: RESULTS
Written by Arakis   
Tuesday, 05 October 2010 18:29

What sphere do you suppose would perform the best if you could only use slow units?  A lot of players would say Refess, and if they had access to Holy Knight / Lapierre, they could very well be right.  However, Lawtia was the star of this Quest by a good margin.  This is probably largely because Refess relies on counter skills to punish fast, aggressive opponents.  Counter skills are good, but if your unit dies in one hit, you'll never get to use it.  Close skills, more a Lawtia specialty, are bound to eventually take effect unless its owner gets returned.

Written by The Unknown   
Tuesday, 05 October 2010 01:11
Hush little Iczers, don't make a sound...
Ranking: Brought to you by coffee!
Written by lupos   
Monday, 04 October 2010 21:19

I am so tired today for some reason. It's cold outside. Like real cold, not spring 75 kind of cold...


Training Mattered
Written by Logress   
Monday, 04 October 2010 17:49
OK, everyone should have your point cards from last week's Training Matters event.
Clergy Appreciation Day 5 of 7 is on
Written by Logress   
Monday, 04 October 2010 15:05
Just a reminder to duel on 5 out of the 7 days this week for 5 Point Cards and a chance to win Gilensia and Raste!
Servants of BATORA captured!!!
Written by Logress   
Friday, 01 October 2010 21:49

After a day of tracking down anomalies on the server, I tracked the for evil presences into Folrart!  Luckily, I was able to corner them with my experimental Dragonrider file (I'm only annoyed that I didn't get a chance to play Millia).  If it wasn't for my suspicions about the nature of the disturbance, I wouldn't have tucked away the two surprises into that file that enabled me to win by the skin of my teeth...

View the Battle Here

But the battle is only half the story...


Evil Force Discovered in Folrart!
Written by Logress   
Friday, 01 October 2010 20:14
I've tracked it down to Folrart!  Everyone stand clear!
5 of 7 next week
Written by Logress   
Friday, 01 October 2010 18:24

Any important holidays next week?  Oh, Columbus day is lame... Lief Ericson day, that's a possibility... but still too mainstream...

Evil Force Detected on Alteil Servers
Written by Logress   
Friday, 01 October 2010 16:44
Karite just sent me an important message. He's detected an evil presence on the Alteil server, his guess is that there are at least four extra-Lavato entities sneaking around.  Karite is 100% sure no one penetrated his barrier, though, so these evil beings must have already been inside for some time, and have just made their presence known now.  I'll take charge of the investigation personally, but until then be very careful!

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