The PAX POX has struck
Written by Logress   
Wednesday, 16 September 2009 01:34

I've finally had a minute to sit down and give you a report on our time at PAX.  Since the blogs are still down, check out my forum post all about it.

We Have Your News Feed Right Here!
Written by Edgar Figaro   
Tuesday, 15 September 2009 21:25

Well not RIGHT here but at the bottom of the news posts on the right hand side. Now you can view all the great Alteil news in your favorite reader. Except for Chrome, because it has no reader support yet. A suitable workaround should be forthcoming. Enjoy.

A Card Flip Winner Has Been Chosen
Written by Edgar Figaro   
Tuesday, 15 September 2009 16:24

We had a large crop of submissions for our Card Flip contest and well it was tough narrowing down the winner. Lots of fairy tale jokes, princes and spells, transformation recipes, etc. Not alot of Indiana Jones references sadly though, I guess the fedora wearing adventurer just couldn't be used as a successful punchline. Anyways without further ado, your winner and his submission: ajkeil.

Four point cards to you good sir. Congrats and well done. Congrats to all the participants. The Card Flip contest is always open and anyone who wants to submit their own work without the limitations of the Caption Contest are welcome to do so. Four point cards will still be awarded within a two week period if we get enough submissions. Peep the in-depth rules for that at this link here.

You can see all the past Card Flips by clicking on that blue link in the middle of this sentence.

Excuse me Ms. Swift, But I Think Mavel Is The Best Player Out There...
Written by Edgar Figaro   
Monday, 14 September 2009 19:00

That Kanye West sure is opininated. Telling the world that Mavel is better than Ms. Taylor Swift at Alteil. That statement may be true, but you have to let the woman have her moment. Everybody has a chance at greatness, a chance to shine. That 15 minutes. And you fellow Iczers need to respect that, no matter how skilled or unskilled you may think they are. Alteil is all about healthy competition. A little mudslinging never hurt anyone, but don't overdo it. So get out there and fight... and please don't high-jack any moonman acceptance speeches that people may be giving.

As always, anyone who fought in the arena at least once this week will receive 10 gran. Listed below are your top 6 ranked Iczers, top 3 guilds, and guilds that have leveled.


  1. Taylor Swift*
  2. masteroffire
  3. bob000
  4. Hinata
  5. Sethiel
  6. ShinMaster


  1. Royal Flush 
  2. Order of the Black Knights
  3. SRX Team


  1. Swedish Meat 2 -> 3


  1. Sexpanther
  2. lance of iczers
  3. ! Silver soul
  4. Death Legion
  5. Anime Empire

*For anyone about to complain that they got pushed down a spot, it's just a joke. You can see the real rankings here. And you can see the video this post references here.

Arakis' Quest - the 1* Quest 9/14/09-9/28/09
Written by Arakis   
Monday, 14 September 2009 16:34

Greetings, Iczers.Welcome to Arakis' Quest, a new contest here at Alteil that will be replacing Across the Spectrum for the time being. As the main contest write-up states, this is all about card file building, but only while using a restricted set of cards.  For our first outing, we're going to focus on 1-star rarity cards. The deck you build must consist solely of 1* cards, and nothing else. This includes your soul cards, which should make this even more challenging. While such a restricted deck might not be able to be a top contender in Folrart, this kind of mental exercise is to get you to try to maximize the potential of what our most common cards can do together. Think of it as deck building in a type of sealed-deck tournament environment.

Use whatever sphere you want, or multi-sphere if you find a way that works well enough. No 1* cards are off-limits, but I should state that a few of our most infamous cards (such as Folrart Guardian and Mercenary) fall into this category. Try to be creative with your entry, because if lots of Iczers focus on any one card or common combo, it will be harder for their entries to stand out amongst the rest of their similar competition. In other words, variety is encouraged.

You don't have to own all (or any) of the cards in your entry. Theoretical entries are more than welcome - you just can't actually playtest it yourself, in that case. Only one entry per player, please. Don't forget about the new bonus prize you could earn down the road if you send us suggestions for future Quests. See the main contest page for more details, and submit your entry to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it once it's ready. You have until 12:00 noon EST on 9/28 to submit, so happy file building!

Written by Gaogaigirl   
Saturday, 12 September 2009 00:01

All Right Lads and Lassies, it's like to get the 'ween on!

So for all you wondering "Why should I make a costume or carve a pumpkin?" I'm going to lay down the incentives!

Our First place winner will get 1000 GRAN and 20 Point cards (Oh Snap!)

Our Second Place winner will get 500 GRAN and 10 Point cards (bombdiggity)

Everyone who participates will get 5 point cards.

The best costumes will join into the seasonal cards for Halloween. Remember, The GM's will once again toss all dignity and cosplay for you enjoy/amusement regardless of the number of entries. We really hope everyone enjoys this because we certainly did last year.




Avatar update
Written by Logress   
Thursday, 10 September 2009 20:58

I just realized that in all the update exceitement I forget to phase the redundent avatars out of the shop. So, tomorrow I'm going to clean them out.  If for some reason you want one of the redundant avatars, buy them now.

Here is the list

  • Lavato Citizen Female and Male, all versions A-C
  • PD Base Male and Female, all versions (the ones with hair attached) A-L
  • Guard Leader Empowered
  • Amazon Outfit -Spear-
  • Magic Archer Equipped
  • Bear Killer with Axe
  • Blessed Knight With Arms
  • Martial Artists with God Lance
  • Guardian Equipped
  • Samurai Girl with Katana
  • Rapier Fencer Armed


CotF - Heierrat Army Results
Written by CSquared   
Thursday, 10 September 2009 19:55

(For the period of 7/2/09 - 7/15/09)

Apologies once again for the tardiness of this particular judgment. Harking back to two months ago, there was a Challenge of the Fortnight of a commonly used, but not always to its full potential, card named Heierrat Army. Due to the limited number of entries, there are only three runners-up instead of the usual five. But now, without further ado, is the final verdict.

CotF - Elder Druid
Written by CSquared   
Thursday, 10 September 2009 00:56

(For the period of 9/10/09 - 9/23/09)

I can't seem to keep up with these fortnights these days, and while there are still a few Challenges of the Fortnight to be judged, rest assured that they shall be. In fact, one or two already have been, so keep an eye out for the results posts in the coming week or so. But enough about the past. It's time to look toward to the future and move into darker territory with a Lawtia Challenge of the Fortnight. For the next fourteen days, let your partner of the night be the Elder Druid.

Card Flip Contest for the New Week
Written by Edgar Figaro   
Tuesday, 08 September 2009 19:47

To celebrate our trip back from PAX and the start of a new week, we're throwing up a new Card Flip Theater contest! Lost Tome and Giant Frog are your cards this time. Here's a basic rundown of the rules:

Caption Contest 5

Right click and select save link as... and get crackin'.

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