Weekly Ranking List
Written by Romdeau   
Tuesday, 07 May 2013 19:12


Please remember to redeem your 3 stars from the free daily lotto for the next 3 days! For 4 days this week, the free daily lotto will only be distribuiting 3 star cards. 

Instead of a 5 of 7 for this week, we are trying a new event this week to reward those whom never give up in ranked matches! For this week, if you participate in 10 battles without giving up you will be awarded with 5 point cards and a copy of "Cry of Anger". In addition, the top guild in next week's rankings with at least 1 member who didn't give up gets 10 point cards for each of its members. Guilds #2 and #3 will receive 5 point cards for their members (again, at least 1 member did not give up).

Here are the rankings for this week:

Cinco de Mayo 5 of 7 Grand Prize Winners
Written by Romdeau   
Tuesday, 07 May 2013 19:06

I would like to congratulate the following Iczers for being randomly selected as the winners for this event's grand prize:






Please e-mail logress at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or PM myself on the forums to redeem your prize of (1) 5 star rarity card of your choice. 

3-star in the free daily lotto reminder
Written by Logress   
Tuesday, 07 May 2013 00:40

Just a quick reminder, duel once and then click on the SHOP and draw from the free daily lotto for a free 3-star card, today, tues and wed!

News From Your hosts here at Alteil, Apocoplay LLC
Written by Logress   
Sunday, 05 May 2013 02:18

The Apocoplay Team is proud to announce that our company has been selected as a semi-finalist in the annual Masschallenge small company startup contest. We’ve created a business model for expanding as a game company and will be pitching it to judges who are mostly entrepreneurs themselves. Now, being a semi-finalist is an honor (and to be honest, just getting this far was our goal and anything more is gravy), but to put it in prospective there are over 300 semi-finalists, so it’s not quite time to break out the Champaign just yet. Although I’ll tell you what, if we make it to the next stage I’ll give every user two random 5-stars to celebrate (and then come up with another way to celebrate even more for the stage after that) and unlike with all that Gpara stuff we’re not asking you to vote for us 80 times… all we’re asking for is for you to wish us luck! Now, I’m sure you have some questions…

3-Star Free Daily Lotto Next Week
Written by Logress   
Sunday, 05 May 2013 01:52

Put some kick in your slow days, next week get Free 3-stars Monday-Thursday! Just duel once and pull from the free lotto each day! That's four three-star cards next week for everyone.

Never Give Up Next Week
Written by Logress   
Saturday, 04 May 2013 21:14

Never Give Up was an event recomended by one of the creators of Alteil, and current President of Coreedge, orinally when we first started. It's exsted in one form or anyother in JP over the years.  Here's where we are going to start.

Get 10 Battles in a row without Giving Up (IE, not hitting the Give Up button in battle -- win or lose) next week, get 5 Point Cards and a copy of Cry of Anger . In addition, the top guild in next week's rankings with at least one member who didn't Give Up gets 10 Point Cards for every member, guilds 2 and 3 (again at least one member must get Never Give Up) 5 Point cards for every member.

Standard Five Card Pack Sale
Written by Logress   
Friday, 03 May 2013 05:36

In most CCG's, the standard packs get a lot of attiention. Not as much here, where the various lottos and Ex Packs steal the spotlight. This is something to think about, as one of the things we're working out behind the scenes alternate gametypes, including drafting distribution.

I'm taking this opporunity to do a two-week discount on standard 5-card packs, the kind that come with each of the 12 Standard Card Sets.  For this week, odd numbered Packs will drop from 150 Gran to 120 Gran but retain their rarity rates. even numbered packs will drop from 150 Gran all the way to 100 Gran, but they will have the rarity rates of 4 and 5 star cards reduced a little.

So take this chance to give the CCG staple some love, and on the week after, I'll reverse odds and evens!

Whats new with Alteil 5/2/2013
Written by SolidJimmy   
Friday, 03 May 2013 02:18

Hey Everybody,

So it is time again for another update on Alteil, this week we wanted you to know that we are working furiously towards improving the game for the User experience.

We have completed the major graphic elements for the Battle and Card File, and we are moving on to the sub-menus and pop-ups.

       Development has been focusing on finishing up the new-user oriented web page, and is moving on to revamping the registration. When it is ready for the eyeballs of new users, we'll send some advertising its way to scare up some new blood.     

And we’re also bringing new employees on board for both development and customer service.


Also we are continuing to work on the API, and below is an explanation on what it will do for you and our very own Logress was kind enough to write it up.

What does the Alteil API mean to me?


By now you've probably heard that we've been spending a lot of our effort on something called an API, and depending on your exposure you're at worst thinking "Huh?" and at best thinking "well that will make the 5 programmers who play Alteil happy, so what about the rest of us?"  You may have even seen the user-made card list searcher/viewer floating around that uses the API and while fun, it doesn't necessarily light your imagination on fire, not to mention the fact that someone else actually made it.  


But that's precisely what the API is, building tools for building. And enabling more people to build stuff is exactly what’s so exciting. The more of the "hard stuff" taken care of by the API behind the scenes (and in advance, while we make the API), the easier it is to actually make new stuff. And we're not talking about shaving an a few days off of a month long project. We're talking about anyone who is able to make a web page now having the ability to make Folrart… and in as many weeks as the number of months a hardcore programmer would take to do it from scratch.  And that's a real, powerful tool. 


As a serious player and/or longtime player, you may want to see something like a robust achievement system, Marketplace, alternate gametypes, or the Community tournaments actually coded in. As a first time user coming to the site, you're thinking more in-game like tutorials, better beginner's quest, general introduction, and single player content. As a Game Master, you (I) are (am) thinking, referral rewards, better data collection, automated Events, tools that let you (me) solve individual users problems efficiently (customer support), and being able to change game parameters (presently hardcoded in the flash) for freedom in addressing broader issues (economy, progression, balance).


That's a lot of different wants and needs (and of course, there are a lot more categories than those three examples), and we have the capability to make one thing at a time.  Just taking on what seems to be the highest priority issue and working your way down is not always the best answer, especially because the priority changing before a task is done can wreak scheduling and financial havoc. This is where the API comes in.  If doing a project that takes X many months is not possible, do a project that makes all other projects take X many weeks instead -- then everything is possible. The best part is: working on the API is working on ALL these projects at the same time, so it is effectively immune to any kind of question of priority.  In fact, if you think of something new you'd like to see, we're ALREADY working on it (well, the building blocks to make it, technically) -- it's like the best parts of mind reading and time travel put together, only without the awkwardness of meeting your mom when she was your age (and reading her mind).

The Worthing Show
Written by Logress   
Wednesday, 01 May 2013 01:51

Worthing is streaming again, watch on...


Weekly Ranking List
Written by Romdeau   
Monday, 29 April 2013 20:15


For this week's 5 of 7, Logress chose to honor cinco de Mayo. The participation prize is a copy of cyclops and 5 point cards. If you duel 10 times or more, you'll be rewarded with a cinco de Mayo poncho and hat avatar items. Five lucky participants will be randomly selected to be our grand prize winners for this eventz; each winner will be able to choose a copy of any 5 star of their choice (non-seasonal)! 

There is also a limited time promotion to swap your non-seasonal cards for their seasonal counterparts! For a fixed price, you can exchange any non-seasonal card in your library for a copy of its seasonal version. The purchase you make with this promotion will be marked 50% off. Check out the official announcement on the forums to learn more details. 

Know someone who might enjoy Alteil, or have you recently introduced someone to it? You and your newbie friend might want to participate in our mentor card for the opportunity to earn a signifcant number of point cards. You can learn more by reading about it on the forums or by reading the "Mentor Program Returns" post on this page.

Here are the rankings for this past week.


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