Avatars Given for pre-built sale
Written by Logress   
Tuesday, 16 April 2013 02:32

Everyone who bought a Pre-built last week now has their bonus Avatar!


Weekly Ranking List
Written by Romdeau   
Monday, 15 April 2013 19:29

Greetings Iczers,

There are three promotions running this week that I'd like to remind you about. First, the free daily lotto has been upgraded for this week to include only 2 star or higher rarity cards. After playing your duel in any ranked arena, just go to the shop and get your free daily card! Next, the two EX Annarose are available for this week only in pack or box format. See the details of each in the previous Annarose announcement. Before I get to the rankings, I'd like to remind everyone that we have another 5 of 7 ongoing this week (starting today). The participation prize for this 5 of 7 is 1 copy of 'Cassowary King' and point cards. If you participate in at least 10 duels (10 turns or longer), then you'll also receive a copy of Expert Sorcerer. The twist for this 5 of 7 is that 1 participant will be selected to choose 1 free pack of the upcoming EX 12! Keep your eye on this page for further updates on EX 12!

Onto the glorious rankings!

Old School 5 of 7
Written by Logress   
Saturday, 13 April 2013 20:32

There's no school like the old school... now back in my day - when Earth Dragons roamed the earth, when we did a 5 of 7, we took a list of participants (users with at least 1 dual per day for 5 of the 7 days in a week), we took that list and picked a random winner who would get some kind of super prize.

And since EX12 is coming up, I got a great idea for the grand prize...

Anna-rose-iversary Annarose Packs Return
Written by Logress   
Friday, 12 April 2013 05:22

Oh, this is a clever one... anniversary -- Annarose -- Anna-rose-iversary.  Good thing i'm only writing this because I have no idea how to pronounce that.

But one year ago, we put out Annarose packs with two special Annarose EX, and they haven't been seen since.  Both multisphere, there is now a much friendlier atmosphere for play, and who knows what havoc they will wreak if we released them again?  I guess there's only one way to find out...


2-Star Free Daily Lotto
Written by Logress   
Friday, 12 April 2013 05:16

Starting now, for one week, the free daily lotto will only give out two star cards and higher!  Just play one duel in any arena, and then you can pull a card from the Free Daily Lotto, located in the Card Shop!

Playspan returning
Written by Logress   
Wednesday, 10 April 2013 04:29

Thinks seem all happy now, so we'll put the Playspan Cashier back up end of the week.  So, if you prefer the paypal direct one you've got a few days to take advantage of it.

Weekly Ranking List
Written by Romdeau   
Tuesday, 09 April 2013 18:54


The Tax Prep 5 of 7 is in full swing this week; it's an opportunity for you and your guildmates to bring glory and pointcards to your guild! The top 2 ranking guilds for this week will earn 5 point cards for all of the members in each guild. As usual, to participate you need to battle on 5 of the 7 days for each day. Make sure each duel lasts 10 turns or more to qualify. Do that, and you'll earn point cards and a copy of 'Exchange of Souls'. If you duel at least 10 times, you'll also earn a copy of 'Plundering Girl Pirate'. 

Also, I'd like to remind everyone that there is an ongoing sale for 4 of our pre-built files in the shop right now! Instead of the regular 1500 gran pricetag, they have been reduced to 1200 gran for this week only. Don't delay and take advantage of this opportunity!

Here are this week's rankings.

The Worthing Show
Written by Logress   
Monday, 08 April 2013 03:55

Worthing is streaming again, watch on...


March 2013 Financial Report
Written by Logress   
Monday, 08 April 2013 03:45

March Financial Report

by Logress ยป Sun Apr 07, 2013 10:43 pm

Finances are on my mind lately, with taxes and our recent hiccups with PlaySpan... and other news to be read about below. And they are no fun. But games are all about fun, so I think there should be a rule that game companies shouldn't have financials. I think that would work out just fine.

Tax Prep 5 of 7+ Guild Extra
Written by Logress   
Saturday, 06 April 2013 04:12

What fun holidays are there in April?  For some reason the only thing that jumps to mind is TAXES.  I'm sure this has NOTHING to do with the fact I've spent just about my entire day - every day for weeks trying to get our coroprate taxes finished (and my personal to some extent - which can't be done until coroprate are done).  Because certainly, I have nothing better to do.  I don't have, I don't know, a company to run. And I certainly don't have a game to run.  

...But I'm sure all the people who do have to do coroprate taxes but DON'T have a company to run have plenty of time, so good for them!

Now, all I need to do to is think of some good prizes, some appropriate cards for Tax Prep week... OH, I KNOW!


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