On the Brink! Art going up on the facebook page!
Written by Logress   
Thursday, 07 November 2013 05:26

We are just a hair from going over into funded-land!

Been posting big art on the facebook page as we go:


Halloween 5 of 7 Prizes Awarded
Written by Romdeau   
Wednesday, 06 November 2013 17:48

Greetings Iczers,

The prizes for participating in last week's Halloween 5 of 7 have been awarded. If you believe there is a mistake, please submit a support ticket or contact Logress at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Holy Folrart! Final push to being Funded!
Written by Logress   
Wednesday, 06 November 2013 17:26

Wow!  Less than $1000 bucks to being funded on the good old Alteil Horizons Kickstarter!  I want to offer some fun stuff to make this last run exciting... but I better type fast since we just got two more backers in the last few minutes and might be funded before I finish this post!

Okay, here goes. If we get funded today, Every active account on the server gets 20 Point Cards and 200 Gran!  IN ADDITION, for ever $100 backed from now until morning, I will post LARGE ARTWORK of another card, starting with cards from Shinuya Yamashita, Katsuya Terada, and Yuji Kaida! (and also taking suggestions)!

Soooo close!. Go, go, goooooooooooo!

Alternate and Seasonal Card List
Written by Logress   
Saturday, 02 November 2013 04:46

Here is the up to date list of seasonal cards. Let me know if I missed anything!

Halloween Only Packs are up
Written by Logress   
Friday, 01 November 2013 06:01

The Halloween only packs are up in the shop!  400 gran for 5 seasonal cards, with at least one 3 star or higher. the new Knight of Fraility Etoile is there, as is the special Wisp (which still drops as a 3-star).  It will be up through the weekend only!

Black Cat / Fellana
Lycanthrope [Seraph]
Dark Emperor / Zu-jyuva
Devouring Lizard
Amethyst Carbuncle
Girl Druid
Samurai Girl
Fire Sorceress / Addition
Cemetery Rats
Prototype Form / Noze
Will o' the Wisp
Knight of Frailty / Etoile
Kickstarter day 1: 50% Funded in 13 hours!
Written by Logress   
Thursday, 31 October 2013 14:03

Posted by Apocoplay LLC ♥ Like You’ve all once again come through in a big way! 50% funded in 13 hours! Now that, my friends, is how you Kickstart. 

A great day full of highs and more highs. I got to talk to a number of returning backers, of course. But I also got to talk to a number of new backers too, and that’s great news for our inevitable charge toward stretch goals in the upcoming weeks!

Our huge momentum has made us pretty prominent on the “Popular” section of Kickstarter all day, and got us some press attention. Mostly our press focus is on tomorrow and Friday, as we were trying to avoid the situation we had last time, where our Kotaku article went up before launch, so they opted to omit a link. 





 In addition, I’ve been scheduled to sit for a number of interviews over the next few days, and our press list for the upcoming playable demo is growing, so overall not bad.

 So what’s next? Well, first of all only 30% of our backers have rejoined us, so there’s still a lot of work to be done! If you happen to know anyone who backed last time, feel free to give them a friendly reminder! And stretch goals! We’ll be announcing the first two tomorrow

 Stay tuned everyone, the fun is just beginning! And thank you for everything! 


Halloween is here - sort of!
Written by Logress   
Thursday, 31 October 2013 03:26

Well, the halloween avatars are up -- and FREE for the next two days.  We also have seasonal packs and lotto up!  However, JP was not able to get me the art for Etoile in time, so the Halloween packs are on hold!  I'll keep them up extra long to make up for it.

The Alteil Horizons Kickstarter is back up!
Written by Logress   
Wednesday, 30 October 2013 14:38

  Cry Horizons and Let Slip the Kickstarters of War!

Welcome back everyone, to the new and very much improved Alteil Horizons Kickstarter! Thanks to your suggestions, emails and posts, we’ve been able to create a great balance of information, rewards and goals.  Without further ado, here’s the link…


Now, let me take a moment and show off some of the highlights. The first thing you might notice is the upgraded reward levels. Every level has a little something extra, and a few have gotten some big improvements. Go check out your old reward level, and you’ll spot a nice surprise!
Halloween Event Rundown - yes actual events!
Written by Logress   
Saturday, 26 October 2013 16:48

Halloween is here!

With the various things we've been up to preparing for the next Kickstarter and meetings with potential publishers and the like, there hasen't been much time for us to do events.

But Halloween is special!  We can't miss that for anything!

Here is what we've got...

Server Status
Written by Logress   
Saturday, 26 October 2013 16:04

We have preformed a software upgrade on our servers that should solve the recent technical problems we've been happening. At some point in the near future we will do a substantial hardware upgrade to start preapring for Horizons.

 We appologize for any inconvenience.


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