The Duel is divided into Battle Phases, where certain events take place each turn. These events are automated, and everything is taken care of by the computer. You will be prompted whenever it’s time to make a decision, so it’s not necessary to learn exactly what happens in each phase. However, when planning out advanced strategies, this knowledge can be invaluable.

Active Phase

In the Active Phase, selections made in the Set Phase take effect.

1) Revival – Units tagged for Revival during the Set Phase now Revive, and one of your other copies of the Revived Card is moved from the Card File to the Cemetery to pay for the Revival. You can now see how much SP your enemy had left after Reviving during the Set Phase.

2) Take the Field – Units deployed in the Set Phase now appear on the field in their designated location. Until this point, friendly deployed units have a black border around them, indicating they were are yet fielded, and only after this point do you know where your enemy deployed units during the Set Phase.

3) Battletime Change. It changes from Morning to Day to Night, in that order. There are some skills which activate depending on Battletime. For example, some Lawtia cards have skills that only activate during Battletime Night.

4) Sphere Level Up – You can now see the new value of your opponent’s Sphere Level, including any additions from the last Set Phase.

5) Reveal Cards – The cards chosen by each Iczer during the Set phase are simultaneously revealed, or Opened. For the rest of the turn, they will reside in the Set Area. You can now see the enemy’s Set Card, and also his new SP value after the deductions made to play that card.

6) Backlashing -- If both the revealed cards are identical, or one of the cards is a Character Card that already has an instance on the field, this is when Backlashing occurs. Backlashed cards are sent directly to the Cemetery.

7) Burial / SP Return– If there is any Closed (HP 0 or below) card left on the field from the previous Set Phase that was not tagged for Revival, it is removed from the field at this time and LP is deducted. Note that any cards reduced to 0 HP during this Phase are not Buried, so you have a chance to Revive them at the end of the turn. IMPORTANT: Buried units return to their Iczer SP equal to their level!