The Duel is divided into Battle Phases, where certain events take place each turn. These events are automated, and everything is taken care of by the computer. You will be prompted whenever it’s time to make a decision, so it’s not necessary to learn exactly what happens in each phase. However, when planning out advanced strategies, this knowledge can be invaluable.


In the Action Phase, each disengaged Unit gets a chance to take an action from its Action Menu. The highest AGI unit goes first, and this continues until all units are engaged. When AGI is the same, the order is chosen at random.

Sample Actions
• Attack/Iczer Attack
When an enemy unit is within range of one of your units, you will attack that unit. When multiple target units are within range, the attack target is chosen at random. The attack does damage to the target unit's HP equivalent to your unit's AT value minus the target's DF value. When your opponent has no units on his Battle Field, the command Iczer Attack will display in place of Attack. If you choose Iczer Attack, you attack your opponent directly, at the cost of 1 SP, and he will lose 1 LP.

• Standby
The unit will end its action, not having done anything. If you choose Standby, the unit will recover stamina equal to 25% of its original HP.

• Move
The unit will change its location. You can move it anywhere on your Battle Field not already occupied by another unit.

• Action Skill
When a unit has one or more Action Skills, you can choose to use one instead of a normal attack. Many of them consume SP, but if you use them skillfully, the battle can progress in your favor.

When all units have taken their actions, the turn is over. The Set Phase of the next turn begins.