The Duel is divided into Battle Phases, where certain events take place each turn. These events are automated, and everything is taken care of by the computer. You will be prompted whenever it’s time to make a decision, so it’s not necessary to learn exactly what happens in each phase. However, when planning out advanced strategies, this knowledge can be invaluable.

Example Combat

With that Phase list fresh in your mind, let’s review how an attack plays out in an actual turn of combat to help you understand how it works in practice.

In this case, the Haste Soldier on the player's Battle Field has AGI=5, and the Boy Combat Priest on the opponent's Battle Field has AGI=4, so the Haste Soldier can act first.

The Boy Combat Priest's DF is 0, so the Haste Soldier's AT of 20 will do 20 damage. Because the Boy Combat Priest only has 10 HP, its HP will reach 0 and it will be defeated, and the card will become closed. Because the opponent no longer has any units that can act, this turn ends here, and we move on to the next turn. When a unit is defeated As the game progresses, your own units will be defeated by attacks. However, if certain conditions are met, it is possible to return them to the Battle Field. Allow me to explain how that works. When one of your units is defeated by your opponent's unit during the Action Phase, the card will enter the Closed state. At this point, your LP has not decreased as a result. On the Set Phase of the next turn, after cards are finished being placed, the option to revive the closed card will be displayed.

If you have a card identical to the closed card in your Card File, you can put the card in your Card File on the Battle Field in place of the closed card (the closed card will be sent to the Cemetery). This is called Revival. You can choose to revive a card by clicking on it. (If you don't click on it, it will mean you choose to bury it, you send it to the Cemetery). If you click on it a second time, you can intentionally choose to bury it.

If you Revive, it will cost you 1 SP per card, but the unit will be able to act again in that turn's Action Phase. Further, if your SP=0, you cannot choose to Revive even if you have the necessary duplicate card in your Card File. If you bury a card, you will lose 1 LP as a result, and also gain SP equal to the card’s level.

Decide whether to revive or bury each of your closed units. When you click the OK button, you confirm your decisions.

The above gameplay repeats in like fashion, and the object of the battle is to get your opponent's LP down to 0 before yours reaches 0.